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Greco-Roman Mythology

Ian Finlay
Quotations of Ovid's Metamorphoses
screenprint | paper
Gift of Graham and Marianne Smith
Ian Finlay
Quotations of Ovid's Metamorphoses
screenprint | paper
Gift of Graham and Marianne Smith
Aristide Maillol
Cover page from L'Art d'aimer, Ovid, published by Les Frères Gonin, Lausanne, 19
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
A nude man and woman recline together on the right side of this octagonal plaque. They lay upon the mesh of a net, which is being pulled by a nude male figure seated nearby next to an anvil. Behind the seated man appear two standing figures working at a brick forge. Another pair of figures stands in the middle ground with a row of trees behind them. A diminutive figure mounted on horses appears against a disk in the sky.
Jacob Cornelisz Cobaert
The Discovery of Mars and Venus
1602 - 1621
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
Venus and Cupid are seen sitting in a chariot pulled by two swans that are embraced by two putti. Behind is a landscape with towns and houses.
Giulio di Antonio Bonasone
Landscape with Venus and Cupid Riding on a Car
1531 - 1574
etching and engraving | paper
Museum Purchase
Two lamps provide the only source of light in this nighttime interior and the scene is full of dark shadows and areas highlighted by white. Two men are seated at a table- one is a bearded man wearing long robes and the other has a staff and a hat with wings. They are looking at a woman, wearing a cloth headdress and a long dress, who stands before them. On the left is a man entering through a doorway. The features of the room are shown in great detail including the assortment of food, hanging vegetables and baskets, a wall tapestry, the rough wood planking and decorative designs on the bedding. There is a printed Latin inscription below this scene.
Hendrik Goudt
Jupiter and Mercury in the House of Philemon and Baucis
engraving and etching | thin, slightly textured dark cream laid paper
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
A nude woman is seen in profile crouching and turning her head toward the viewer. She is backed up against a short pedestal or wal, on top of which a winged cupid bends towards the woman. On the right side is a slender tree, and behind the figures is an expansive landscape.
Marcantonio Raimondi
Crouching Venus
1505 - 1506
engraving | laid paper
Museum Purchase
A powerfully muscled nude man sits astride a fearsome sea creature. He grasps an oar in his left hand and the beast's reins in his right, while a cloth billows out behind him. A variety of humanoid creatures frolic in the seascape in the background.
Hendrick Goltzius
Oceanus (from a Series of 6 Mythological Figures)
1589 - 1590
chiaroscuro woodcut | laid paper
Museum Purchase
Anthonie Waterloo
Apollo and Daphne, No. 2 from a series of 6 mythological subjects
1610 - 1690
etching | paper
Museum Purchase
Ernst Haas
Tobago, from "The Creation"
1968 - 1981
dye transfer print | paper
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952
Prospero Fontana
Phaeton Taking Leave of Apollo
16th century
black chalk with blue wash, heightened with white | blue paper
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
David Claypoole Johnston
Untitled (Allegorical Figures, Apollo, and Mercury Presenting Bounty to America)
1799 - 1865
graphite, ink and brush, heightened with white | heavy, wove paper, squared for transfer
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Irving Levitt


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