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Highlighting interesting areas of UMMA's permanent collection with deep dives on a theme and bird's eye surveys

Featured Grad Student Research


Early Modern European Portraits and Self-Fashioning

AMCULT 498 - Getting In: What College Means in America


The Supernatural in Japanese Art

This double-leaf print depicts two camels and accompanying foreign trainers or performers in fringed clothing, with ballooning pants and dark boots.  Some of the performers play instruments, while others tend to the camels.  Above both pages is writing by calligrapher Santô Kyôden describing the camels and their tour of Japan around 1821.

The South

Large oak tree.

Featured Grad Student Research

This drawing shows the head of a man. Sketched lines with shading around cheeks and eyes, which are closed, create the visage.  A faintly visible hat is sketched on the head. The drawing is signed (u.r.) "Anton Refregier." It may also say "San Francisco" although the handwriting is not clear.

Finding the History of California in UMMA's collection