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Between and Mortarboard

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This woodcut print is vertically oriented. The upper half of the piece is celestial with an angel standing on a cloud blowing a trumpet. Men on fire-breathing beasts exit from the clouds. At the very top center, a white-bearded figure, shown from the torso to the head, holds four trumpets. Rays emanate from his head to form a halo, and he is framed in a half circle. Directly below him is an altar with vines on the sides and four child-faces spitting water out. The upper right corner features an angel blowing a trumpet and the upper left features a smiling angel with hands clasped in prayer. The lower half of the print is terrestrial and depicts a chaotic battle scene. Four angels with wings and swords attack a crowd of men, including a pope, a bishop and a king, as well as commoners. These figures are all crowded into the foreground with contorted postures. There is a city on a hill visible in the distance. The center bottom has Dürer’s signature of letter "D" contained within a letter "A".<br />
This is a black and white photograph of an outdoor scene showing a rocky mountainside with block retaining walls and scrub like vegetation. In front of this slope are three multilevel dirt roads with tire tracks. In the foreground is a long cement slab, like a roadway curb.
This is a black and white photograph of an outdoor scene of a rocky hilltop. In the foreground are large boulders with vegetation growing among them. The hillside slopes down toward a distant valley iwith cultivated fields and straight roads. On the horizon is another set of rocky hillsides.
This is a black and white photograph depicting a rocky landscape scene. There are sharp cliff walls, striated with grooves, and two dirt roads with tire tracks. In the center portion, there is a grouping of seventeen piles of dirt, all of a similar size, and scrub like vegetation. The viewpoint is from above looking down.
This is a black and white photograph depicting two sides of a rural road running through the upper portion of the work. In the foreground, where the viewer stands, is a grassy hillside that slopes downward toward the road. There are some small skinny trees, large boulders and rocks. In the background there are low lying buildings, telephone poles and rows of cultivated trees.
This is a black and white photograph of some roads seen from above, as if the viewer is standing on a nearby hillside. In the foreground, at the viewer's feet, is rocky, dusty soil. Below, the main road runs diagonally across the work and a smaller dirt road crosses it, leaving traces of dirt tracks to the other side of the road. The land is barren with very little vegetation and no vehicles are to be seen.<br />


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American Orientalist art at the turn of the 20th century
<p>America Encounters Asia in Art</p>

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