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Robots and Other Automata

This vertical oriented print shows a robot sitting on a chair with a revolver in his right hand. 
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
No Heroes Developed
1965 – 1970
screenprint | paper
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
George Grosz<br><em>City Neighborhood, from Kleine Grosz Mappe</em><br>1915 - 1916<br>lithograph | cream colored wove paper<br>Gift of the Estate of Helen B. Hall<br>1996/1.41
Overall black, yellow, white and orange. There is a man&#39;s head with a cigarette in his mouth. He has robotic arms and there is a skyscraper in the background.
Georgy Stenberg;Vladimir Stenberg<br><em>Symphony of the City (Symphony of a Great City)</em><br>1928<br>lithograph | buff wove paper, laid down on canvas<br>Gift of James T. Van Loo<br>2013/2.231
In this print we see a three-quarter length portrait of a woman holding a large vase. She holds the vase to her left with her right arm stretching across her torso to secure it. She wears a beaded necklace and a dress with a pleated skirt and her hair falls behind her shoulder on the left. The belly of the vase is decorated with a large black diamond and the neck and rim with two solid and one dashed horizontal lines. The background also includes several horizontal and vertical lines. A thin border has been drawn around the whole scene.
Fernand Léger<br><em>Femme au Vase</em><br>1922<br>lithograph | paper<br>Bequest of Florence L. Stol<br>1968/1.88
Salvador Dali
Ephemera Relating to Works by Salvador Dalí from the Julian Levy Gallery, New York
photomechanical reproduction | cardboard
Gift of the Betty Parsons Foundation
In front, a woman wearing a hat depicted in profile faces to the left with three male figures behind her, one of which, depicted in profile and facing to the right, has the top of his head cut off; the background is comprised of architectural and figural fragments.
George Grosz<br><em>Streetscene (Strassenszene)</em><br>1919 - 1920<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.60
A group of laborers, wearing hats and jackets, walks from viewer's right to left along a street littered with garbage. The two in the front carry shovels. In the background is an industrial landscape, dirty and in disrepair.
George Grosz<br><em>Ants (Ameisen), from "In the Shadows" ("Im Schatten")</em><br>1920<br>photolithograph | paper<br>Gift of Jean Paul Slusser<br>1948/1.22
This drawing is a costume design on an off-white background. The costume has single sleeve, on the right, in the form of a simple grey cord that continues along the neck line of the costume; it is echoed by two grey cords, one at the top and one at the bottom of the narrow white flounce that serves as a skirt. The bodice is orange. 
Georg Kirsta<br><em>Costume for 'Coppelia' by Delibes: Automat</em><br>1929<br>gouache, silver | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.220
A mixed media assemblage consisting of welding goggles, rusted metal, a padlock, and two rusted bells hanging from a chain mounted on a wooden board with screws. The position of the objects, with goggles at the top, makes the assemblage look vaguely face-like.
George Vargas
Michigan Worker
welding goggles, metal, hanging bells, rusty bottle cap, pulleys, chains, padlock | plywood
Gift of the artist
This costume design consists of a short-sleeve, pink top with a peplum over knee-length skirt with a pink hem. The right side of the top has a brown edge, including the hem of its sleeve. There is also a brown stripe between the pink hem and white skirt. A jaunty beret with pink feather appears on the head of the dancer.
Georg Kirsta<br><em>Costume for 'Coppelia' by Delibes: Automat</em><br>1929<br>gouache, gold | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.221
Elliott Erwitt<br><em>Las Vegas, from "Master Prints Volume I"</em><br>1957<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sobel<br>1987/1.194.6
Joseph Vogel<br><em>Solicitations</em><br>1937<br>lithograph | paper<br>Allocated by the U.S. Government<br>Commissioned through the New Deal art projects<br>1943.141


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American Orientalist art at the turn of the 20th century
<p>America Encounters Asia in Art</p>

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