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Devotional Objects Across Religions

A miniature stupa, cast of bronze in several parts, consisting of a bell-shaped base; an inverted cone-shaped tower, capped by an "umbrella" with pendant, fringe-like decoration, inlaid with semi-percious stone, surmounted by a lotus bud. Atop the whole structure is a half-moon and sun disk motif, supported by intertwined ribbons and culminating in another lotus bud.
This clay votive plaque depicts the Buddha in the gesture of “calling the earth to witness."  He is shown here surrounded by five stupas, or reliquary monuments.
This page of an illuminated manuscript on thin parchment is vertically oriented. Centered in the upper two-thirds of the page is a window-shaped scene of a priest celebrating mass. The priest, with red and white robes and a tonsure, holds up a communion wafer at an altar that has a bible and a communion goblet on it and an image of two figures with halos behind them. The altar and the priest’s robes are trimmed with gold leaf. Behind the priest are two kneeling figures, a man and a woman. They are in the interior of a gothic church, with stone vaulting above them. Below the scene are four lines of calligraphy with the first letter, a ‘D’, highly decorated. Decorative detailing surrounds the text and the scene. The left side consists of an ivy-like plant growing out of the "D", and the bottom and right sides have different foliate-derived design depicted in ink, tempera and gold.
This small figure is that of a dog who has short legs, a thick, curled tail, small ears, and an elongated muzzle. Its mouth is open with pointed teeth bared and tongue slightly hanging. Its eyes include small mirrors and feature the white mineral <em>kaolin</em>. On the dog’s back is a large, mirror-topped medicine pack which has been sealed with resin.  There are two recesses on top of both hind legs which also likely held packets of medicine.  Near the top of the two front legs are hollow projections, which have broken off.
Standing male figure with bushy beard wearing a robe and black boots, decorated with red and black pigment.<br />
Wooden miniture model of a tower, comprised of a round base, a bar in the middle where three larger discs and six or seven small discs are inserted. A bulb-shaped ornament rests on top.
The Buddha in bhumisparsa mudra (the gesture of touching the earth with his right hand, palm inward), signaling his victory over Mara. He is shown under three leaves, indicating the bodhi tree under which he sat while meditating before reaching an awakening. He is shown flanked by two stupas, or reliquary monuments, symbolizing his attainment of nirvana.<br />
Gilt and lacquered wooden table of ten-piece altar set. Not including the base, the set is designed in three rows, which simultaneously recede from the viewer and increase in height, culminating in one central table that rises above the rest allocated for a statue of the Buddha. Each table is carved along the edges in stylized floral and leaf patterns coated with gold gilt. The wood surfaces of the tables are coated in red lacquer, and with the exclusion of the short, wide base, each table in the set includes a mirror designed to face the viewer.


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