Warriors going into battle from a Mahabharata series

Accession Number

Warriors going into battle from a Mahabharata series

Artist Unknown, India, Maharashtra, Paithan School

Object Creation Date
early 19th century - mid 19th century

Medium & Support
ink and opaque watercolor on paper

10 3/4 in x 16 1/4 in (27.31 cm x 41.28 cm)

Subject matter
This scene likely depicts a moment in book six when the armies of the Pandavas and Kauravas meet prior to charging into a battle for the throne. The war, known as the Kurukshetra War, lasted eighteen days and at its end the Kaurava army had fallen and the Pandavas were free to reclaim their throne. Their victory, however, was incomplete as a member of the Kaurava army had snuck into their camp and killed the warriors and children he found there, leaving the Pandavas without an heir to the throne they had fought so hard to win.

Physical Description
Three warriors march forward, taking up nearly the entire frame. Blue soldiers carring weapons and shields bring up the front and rear. They appear to move through a stylized tree landscape.

Primary Object Classification

Primary Object Type
narrative painting

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