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Spanish Avant-Garde

This woodblock print depicts a man in trousers and a jacket compacted into the space of the print. The man is kneeling on his left knee while his right foot is raised and pushed up against a surface on the left of the image. Both of his arms are raised, with the left jutting out towards the viewer and the palm of his hand is fully visible. The numbered and print is signed (l.c.) "3 Pepe Ortega" in pencil.
José Ortega
El bache (No. 3 of a set of 10 prints)
1950 - 1953
woodblock print | paper
Museum Purchase
This print shows an abstracted nude woman on her back, holding a child in the air above her. The child is stretching one hand out towards a white bird at the top left. Both woman and child are looking at the bird and the atmosphere is playful.
Baltasar Lobo

lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Antoni Clavé
Illustrated page from François Robelais' "Gargantúa"
color lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Pierre Daura
1960 - 1965
oil | canvas
Gift of Martha R. Daura
Bust portrait of woman. Her hair is brown, shoulder length, and curls at the bottom. Her high-collared blouse has off-white and light blue vertical stripes. She looks directly at the viewer
Pablo Picasso
Portrait of Françoise (Buste de Femme)
oil | canvas
Gift of The Carey Walker Foundation
Pierre Daura
Woman with Summer Hat
1946 - 1953
oil | canvas
Gift of Martha R. Daura
Joan Miró
Partie de Campagne 1 (Day in the Country)
aquatint | paper
Bequest of the Estate of David Caldwell Leedy
Joan Miró
Murderous Landscape (Paysage meurtrier)
soft-ground etching | paper
Bequest of Florence L. Stol
Bird made up of geometric shapes and designs in bright blue and red colors on green-yellow ground. 
Enric Climent Palahi
1939 - 1958
screenprint | paper
Museum Purchase
This woodblock print depicts the face of a man in profile. He is wearing a low, flat hat and the left side of his face is visible. The print is numbered and signed (l.c.) "2 Pepe Ortega" in pencil.
José Ortega
Hombre (No. 2 of a set of 10 prints)
1950 - 1953
woodblock print | paper
Museum Purchase
This print shows a figure with a blue body, black head, blue arms, and one black leg and foot and one orange leg and foot in a boneless depiction which resembles the style of a child. There is an orange circle to the right of the figure. A black rectangular outline surrounds the figure and the circle.
Joan Miró
1943 - 1953
color lithograph | paper
Given by their family in memory of Clement A. and Margaret Earhart Smith
A studio image of artist Salvador Dali in a surrealistic scene. Dali jumps in the air as furniture hovers around him, and three cats fly into a stream of water that splashes across the scene.
Philippe Halsman
Dali Atomicus
gelatin silver print | paper
Museum Purchase


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L'Horizon (1971/2.13)
St. Gall (1964/1.132)
Lacet de Corde (1971/2.3)
Composition (2000/2.200)
SE 10 (1973/1.802)

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