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Athletes and Sports

This photograph depicts a wide, tilted view of a crowded football stadium during a game.  Scattered across the field are running and jumping players.
In an interior space, a large group of men stand with their right arms out and their left elbows bent with their hands on their hips. They are all facing a man whose back is to the viewer. He is also holding his right arm out.
This costume design shows a dancer leaning back to the right with a golf club in the right hand. The dancer wears a white top with short sleeves and yellow culottes with brown and black trim at the waist and along the side of the left leg.
This costume design shows a lithe young woman in a short-sleeved blue and white striped top and a high-waisted, white, short skirt with blue hem and black criss-cross lacing moving vertically up from the hem, almost to the waist. She also wears a white cap or visor.
Eight male figures (three kneeling in front and five standing in back) wearing orange tank tops and white shorts face the viewer; two basketballs and five trophies between figures in the foreground. Figures stand in front of a background of fragmented, arched and circular areas of color in blues and golds.
A team of men in green jerseys and pink shorts competing against a team in blue jerseys at a game of basketball. A player on the green team is in mid-air and appears to be nearing the rim of the hoop with the basketball.


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