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Between and Mortarboard

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Literacy, Reading, and Writing

Erastus Salisbury Field
Portrait of a Man Holding a Quill Pen
1825 - 1835
oil | canvas
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
Hasegawa Mitsunobu
Three Sisters Play at Origami
1730 - 1740
monochrome woodblock print (sumizuri e) | paper, from an illustrated book (ehon)
Museum Purchase
Portrait of man with brown, shoulder-length hair wearing black jacket and neck tie, seated at a desk holding unfolded letter. Set against a backdrop of whilte columns, red/pink drapery, and a bookshelf. Larson 2/5/18<br />
<br />
Thomas Spear
James Louis Petigru (1789-1863)
oil | canvas
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
Utagawa Toyoharu
Writing (Sho)
1767 - 1832
color woodblock print | paper
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Toyohara Kunichika
Thirty-two Modern Physiognomies: Geisha writing a letter
woodblock print | paper
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
A group of little girls sitting on the stairs in front of a school.
Dorothea Lange
Girls of Lincoln Bench School Studying their Reading Lessons, New Ontario, Malheur County, Oregon
1939 - 1990
toned gelatin silver print | paper
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division Reproduction # (407697, LCUSF34 - 21216E)
A figure wearing dark boots, dark pants, and brown overshirt reads, sitting on stool with his back to lit fireplace. Set in darkened domestic interior, table and drying herbs visible at back, wooden floorboards and stone of fireplace are illuminated. (Larson 2/5/18)&nbsp;<br />
Eastman Johnson
Boyhood of Lincoln
oil | canvas
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
Ernst Barlach
Der Erste Tag, from the series 'The Transformations of God'
woodcut | paper
(c) Ernst and Hans Barlach GbR Lizenzverwaltung, Ratzeburg
Krishna, in blue, and Balarama are portrayed in identical poses and wearing peacock-feather headdresses. The paunchy bearded figure at right is their mentor, Sandipani. Two other, older students appear at left. They are seated, approximately equidistantly spaced, in an architectural structure that organizes the space.
Artist Unknown, India, Uttar Pradesh, Chaurapancasika Style
Bhagavata Purana series: Krishna and Balarama Studying with the Brahman Sandipani
1525 - 1550
ink and opaque watercolor | paper
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel
M. Bachelier is shown seated at a desk dressed in a high powdered wig and sumptous gold-embroidered velvet coat and waistcoat. Behind the figure is a rich cloth, pulled back to reveal columns. On the elaborately carved desk are papers and a writing set. M. Bachelier extends his left hand towards the viewer, suggesting that we have interepted him while writing at his des. The painting&#39;s coloring consists of rich burgundy red, green, tan and gold.
Jean-Baptiste Oudry
M. Bachelier, Director of Customs at Lyon (M. Bachelier, Directeur des fermes de
oil | canvas
Museum Purchase
In this picture, a woman looks downward with a folded piece of paper in her mouth. Her hands are clasped around her elaborate outer robe. Her long hair flows down her back, with shorter strands around her face and shoulders. The scene behind her is of mountains and trees against a bright blue sky.<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Mitate sanjūrokkasen no uchi; Tokiwa Gozen; Mera &amp; Watanabe (Censors' seal); ne 11 (Date); Toyokuni ga (Artist's signature); Yokogawa Horitake (Carver's seal); Kichi, Isekane (Publisher's seal)<br />
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III)
Actors Compared with the Thirty-six Poet Immortals: Iwai Tojaku I as Tokiwa Gozen
woodblock print | paper
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
William Blake
Three Figures Reading; Verso: Pencil Sketch of an Interior (Fragment of a larger
pen and wash | white paper
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker


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American Orientalist art at the turn of the 20th century
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