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Between and Mortarboard

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Folk, Self-taught, Amateur, and Visionary Art

Painting of landscape scene with blue sky and green field.  Mountains and three houses in background in the upper-left quadrant.  Grove with orange trees in center.  Two men fishing along the banks of a stream in the lower right foreground.
A wedding party on horseback—led by the bride in white with a veil, and the groom in a cowboy hat—leaves a village while a crowd watches. Each of the horses is a different color, including red, gray, and different shades of brown. The people are dressed in bright, solid-colored clothes. Some wear brimmed hats. The village, consisting of a few houses and fields of green plants, palm trees, and trees with large purple and pink leaves, surrounds the wedding party on three sides. There is a clear blue sky overhead. 
This drawing shows three figures sitting on a platform in the center; they all look to the left. The colored background is white with green, brown, blue, and black patterns of plants and other geometric motifs. A yellow-gold border frames the scene with a darker black frame edging the paper.
This oil pastel drawing has a thick black border drawn around the entire scene, with a slightly thinner brown border inside. In the center of the scene is a red building with three horizontal yellow stripes on the roof and a brown door with the word "Pepper" written in yellow above the door. There is a white fence on either side of the building. A dog drawn in beige and brown is in front of the building to the right, floating slightly above the ground. The ground and the sky in the background are both colored blue, with darker "s" shapes throughout.  


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American Orientalist art at the turn of the 20th century
<p>America Encounters Asia in Art</p>

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