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Ashcan School

George Luks<br><em>Woman Seated</em><br>1867 - 1933<br>graphite<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1972/2.38
George Luks<br><em>Woman and Child; Seated Figure (on verso)</em><br>1867 - 1933<br>graphite<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1972/2.37
George Luks<br><em>River Junkmen</em><br>1867 - 1933<br>plumbago | tracing paper, mounted on heavier paper<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1972/2.36
John Sloan<br><em>Bandit's Cave</em><br>1920<br>etching | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.77
John Sloan<br><em>The Bandit's Cave</em><br>1920<br>etching | paper<br>Gift of Dr. &amp; Mrs. S.J. Axelrod<br>1983/1.148
John Sloan<br><em>Santa Fe Family</em><br>1937<br>etching | paper<br>Bequest of Carl F. Clarke<br>1954/1.137
John Sloan<br><em>Prone Nude</em><br>1925 - 1935<br>colored pencil<br>Museum Purchase<br>1972/1.157
Two men sitting in a space with a low ceiling, wearing miner's hats with candles inserted in them, read a newspaper with headlines describing the Titanic catastrophe. A pick axe is leaning against the wall beside the man on the right.
John Sloan<br><em>News of the Titanic</em><br>1912<br>crayon, ink and graphite | off-white paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1964/1.107
John Sloan<br><em>Sun Bathers on the Roof</em><br>1941<br>etching | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1941.2
In this drawing, four women walkshoulder to shoulder toward the left. They are wearing long skirts of the early twentieth century and sashes, and they are carrying pendants over their right shoulders and small pieces of paper in their left.
John Sloan<br><em>Illustration for the article 'Woman March', published in 'Colliers, The National</em><br>1912<br>crayon, ink and graphite | white paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1964/2.154


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American Orientalist art at the turn of the 20th century
<p>America Encounters Asia in Art</p>

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