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This painting has a still life scene with bowl of fruit on a table. There is a pale blue background and silver border, outlined and decorated in black. A figure of a man comes from the right side; he looks towards the bowl. Along the top, above the bowl of fruit, text reads "Bowl o' Fruit." The print is initialed by the artist in black (l.r.) "RG".
Rodney Alan Greenblat
Bowl o' Fruit
1982 – 1992
ink, pastel, pigment | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This poster has two bands of text, one at the top and another at the bottom, with an image of a colorful sculpture at the center. On an orange band at the top, the text reads "RODNEY ALAN GREENBLAT THE NEW WORLD FEBRUARY28-MARCH24"; and, on a light blue band at the bottom, the text reads "GRACIE MANSION GALLERY NEW YORK CITY 167 AVENUE A 212 477 7331." 
Rodney Alan Greenblat
Poster for "The New World" Exhibition
4-color offset print | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
This colorful print is broken up in to four panels, which are divided by a black border with white dashes and then surrounded by a red border, which includes designs in white. In the upper left panel is the image of a blue and yellow house. The upper right shows a television set sitting on a table alongside a glass of milk, a key ring, notepad, plate, and cell phone. In the lower left panel, the bust of a girl with blonde hair in pig-tail braids is standing in front of two houses, one traditional and one modern. The lower right panel depicts an orange, yellow, and red store labeled "Shop and Buy" with a parking lot out front. The artist's initals are included in the print (l.r.) in white on red "RG".
Rodney Alan Greenblat
Christina's World
screenprint | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
Rodney Alan Greenblat
Go-Go Golf
screenprint | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
Rodney Alan Greenblat
Ark of Triumph
mixed media |
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
A collage of buildings and people. A speech bubble says, "My City." ONe image is of Godzilla.
Jakob Kolding
My City
collage and drawing | paper
Museum Purchase
A collage drawing with "Stakes is high" in large bubble letters at the top. The bottom of the drawing is a sparse cityscape and a figure wearing a purple skimask looking at the viewer.
Jakob Kolding
Stakes is high
collage and drawing | paper
Museum Purchase
A collage drawing with "When was the future?" in the middle of the object. The words are cut out of pictures of trees and a city's skyline. The background of the collage is the view of of a tall building and a cutout of a youth doing a handstand is placed on the balcony.  A picture of a tree is included by the person.
Jakob Kolding
When was the future?
collage | paper
Museum Purchase
This vertical print shows a slick advertising image in the top half with a man and a woman watching an early model television set. The woman is smoking a cigarette. A text box is inserted asking three questions. The bottom half is less slick, simply a diagram and text, some of it in a typewriter font. Text above and below asks about how soon television sets will be widely available in homes and museums. The date 1944 is included in parentheses at the top of the image.
Nam June Paik
A New Design for TV Chair
screenprint | paper
Gift of Mr. Robert Rauschenberg
This print shows a landscape with a mountain rising in the middle of the background. There are trees and grass in front, and a body of water in the foreground. At the center, on the edge of the water, sits a faucet, a razor, and a toothbrush in a clear glass as if the body of water is a sink.<br />
The print is signed (l.r.) "Doug Webb" and numbered (l.l.) "197/275" in pencil.
Doug Webb
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
1980 – 1990
screenprint | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
Doug Webb
Life Raft
serigraph | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
Doug Webb
Liberty Renewed
1980 – 1990
serigraph | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick


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110 Collection Object Sources

Bowl o' Fruit (2004/2.51)
Go-Go Golf (2004/2.99)
Ark of Triumph (2005/1.410A)
My City (2010/2.19)
Stakes is high (2010/2.20)
Life Raft (2005/1.413)
Liberty Renewed (2004/2.43)
Urban Daydream II (2005/1.415)
The ABC of Z (2000/2.14.26)
Sun City (2000/2.11.7)
Protocol-Sentences (2000/2.11.4)
Animals as Aliens (2000/2.14.20)
Cucumber Night Cream (2000/2.14.27)
No Heroes Developed (2000/2.14.39)
Memory Matrix (2000/2.11.1)
Computer-Epoch (2000/2.11.8)
War Games Revised (2000/2.11.10)
Marilyn (1969/1.85)
Chair, undated (2008/2.165)
Stunt Man III (1964/1.88)
Jap (2016/2.110)
Intermission (2016/2.109)
Flirt (1983/1.137)
Prize (1974/1.256)
Marsmack (2005/2.65)
Faschismus (2005/2.64)
Carlos the Jackal (2015/2.153)
Tit Steaks (2005/2.63)
A Lie (1985/2.18)
My Soul (2004/2.109)
Untitled (2004/2.61)
Service (2004/2.100)
Manet's Olympia (1991/2.102.1)
Visconti (2017/2.115)
American Moderne (2016/2.248)
Ctric News Topi (1983/1.194)

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