How to Create a Resource in the Exchange

This step-by-step tutorial outlines how to create a resource with media or images in the Exchange. It does not cover formatting variations, which are available at the bottom of the creation page. 

For additional text instructions and support, please see the "About" tab at the top of the Exchange homepage. 

Exchange: How to Create a Resource

1.     Login to the Exchange

2.     Click “New +” button

3.     Choose “New Resource”

4.              Title it.

5.              Body Text: Type the content of the resource here. Edit and format it as you like.

6.              Copyright License: Choose the level of Copyright sharing by using the pull down menu. We suggest “Creative Commons by-nc-sa” to allow for non-commercial sharing.

7.              Publication Status: Choose “Public” or “Restricted” depending on whether this is a draft. Remember to change it to public when you can’t figure out why it isn’t displaying.

8.              Created for: Choose your audience by checking / unchecking the boxes

9.     Save    

Your page will update and notify you that your “Resource has been added.” The visual format of your editing page will also change.

Want to Add Images / Media?

You are not able to add images until you have created and saved your initial resource. After you click “Save,” you should see a new layout with an “Add Media” blue button at the top right corner of the screen. 

1.     Click blue “Add Media” button.

2.     This “Add New Media” window will appear.

3.     Caption Type: Choose your preferred caption format. This information is pulled from the collection database. You are also able to create a “custom” caption with your own title.

4.     Copyright License: Choose appropriate level of sharing privilege.

5.     Publication Status: Choose “Public” in the pulldown menu. If you don’t do this, the images won’t appear.

6.     Find your image / media. You may enter an UMMA accession number or search for the work in the search bar. You are not able to search by artist’s name but you may search by title. You can also find a media source on the internet or upload a file from your computer (such as a .pdf).  Tip: You have to physically click on the auto-fill title. If you just hit “enter,” it won’t save. 7.     Click “Create Media File”

8.     The image(s) should appear in a vertical column to the right of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can format how these images will appear by checking buttons for Slideshow or Thumbnails, etc.

9.     Want to add more images? Repeat this process by clicking on “Add Media” button. 


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