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Portraits for 826 Michigan Conversation Writing Prompt

Here are some options for the 826Michigan writing prompt. 


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Part of 2 Learning Collections

Writing + Art Enrichment Activities
<p>Activities to use on a tour or in a classroom</p...

Math + Art Enrichment Activities
Activities to use on a tour or in a classroom

Language Learning
Using images to teach and learn language<br>

Inuit Art for Educators
<p>Teacher Workshop on April 6, 2019</p>

Pre-Visit Materials
<p>Prepare for your trip to UMMA</p>

I.B. Units of Inquiry
<p>Teacher Resource</p>

Writing With Art: A List of Possibilities
<p>A List of Activities: Writing with Portraits, La...

Write for Understanding Tour Overview
<p>A List of Potential Stops&nbsp;</p>

Writing Activity: Descriptive Language
Using landscapes to develop real or imagined experi...

Writing Activity: Compare and Contrast
Using similar content to compare and contrast in th...

Writing Activity: Figurative Language
<p>Using art to create metaphors and similes&nbsp;<...

Writing Activity: Visual Analysis
<p>Analyze how visual elements contribute to meanin...

Writing Activity: Research, Summary, Paraphrase
<p>Using art to gather information, summarize, para...

Writing Activity: Portraiture and Point of View
<p>Using portraits to describe a narrator's point o...

Writing Activity: Zoom In to Capture Descriptive Details
<p>Using a still life or landscape to write descrip...

Writing Activity: Great Leads and Narrative Sequence
<p>Writing a gripping lead and subsequent narrative...

Writing Activity: Haiku
<p>Using images of nature to create a haiku</p>

Writing Activity: Six Room Image Poem
<p>Using landscape to create a sensory poem</p>

Writing Activity: Exploring Emotions through Portraits
<p>Using portraits and free writing to unlock emoti...

49 Collection Object Sources

Self-Portrait (1993/1.116)
Untitled (2014/2.119)
Self-Portrait (2012/2.212)
Jean (2013/2.260)
Ba Jin (2016/2.82)
Albert Einstein (1986/2.20)
Model (1975/2.98)
Slingshot (2013/2.193)
Harlequin (2011/2.161)
Lady in Red (2017/2.303)
A Friend Visits (2019/2.10)
Lackarbeiter (1975/2.97)
Xie Kitchin (1989/1.67)
Childhood (1895.53)
Girl at Table (1954/2.17)
Marilyn Monroe (1997/1.123)
Boy (1981/2.117)
Boy with Camera Work (2000/2.142.4)
Danish Girl (2000/2.141.1)
Girl on a Beach (2004/1.99)
The Milk Woman (2008/2.365)

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