Chitra Ganesh Sultana's Dream Teaching Resources

Compiled Resources from various presentations during Chitra Ganesh's virtual residency in Feb / March 2021. 
Sloan Docent Presentation
: Recorded Zoom from Monday, March 15.
"On Utopia & Dissent": Video and artist talk from Stamps talk on Friday, March 12. 

Sultana's Dream on UMMA’s website includes all 27 prints (paired with the corresponding parts of the story), the original 1905 text by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, and audio recordings of people reading the text that Chitra mentioned.

"How We Do," a video project Chitra referenced, in which she collected existing and commissioned some new "how to" videos to accompany an installation of Sultana's Dream at The Kitchen. To Chitra, these represented the kind of collective knowledge generation & sharing embodied in the story.

Frans Masereel's The City, a wordless book of 100 woodcuts, published in 1925, that served as inspiration for Sultana's Dream

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's “Herland,” a (long) short story about a civilization without men, published in 1915. Some commentary on it. 

For individual images, search for Sultana's Dream in the Exchange and click on the Object tab.


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