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Ann Arbor Public School: Art Teacher Professional Development 

Beyond Borders and Paul Rand Exhibitions

Ann Arbor Public School art teachers visited UMMA for two tours: Beyond Borders: Global Africa and Paul Rand: The Designer's Task. Images from the exhibitions, and related images, are posted here. Links are provided on the side panel. 


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24 Collection Object Sources

Stravinsky (2016/2.213)
Oba's Slippers (1997/1.307.1-2)
Chair (1992/1.136)
Twin Figure (1985/2.58)
Seated Figure (2005/1.186)
Minuteman (2016/2.214)
IBM Fair (2016/2.220)
Earth Day '95 (2016/2.219)
ADC Cincinnati (2016/2.217)
Cummins Engine (2016/2.208)
Dancer (2016/2.212)
EYE-BEE-M (Rebus) (2016/2.202)
IBM Gold Circle (2016/2.201)
IBM Latin America (2016/2.205)
Mask (1995/2.22)
Colonisation (2015/2.48)

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