I Am Not Myself Tour

Engagement Strategies: Imagine a time when you did not feel like yourself. (discuss) Maybe it was in a dream and you felt like a different person or just felt strange; maybe it was a time you got to wear a costume or fancy clothes; maybe it was a time you were dizzy!

Some art shows us people who look different. Sometimes it is different because it is from another time or place, but sometimes it is because the people in the art wanted to look different or the artist liked making people look unusual. How would it feel to be someone else?

Stop 1: Elephant Mask

How would it feel to wear this mask? Would you act different in it? Would it be heavy?  Hot? Imagine that you are twirling around. What would happen to it? (the trunk flaps would go out) This mask is used for kingly pageantry. The dancers would lope around like elephants to the accompaniment of drums and gongs, and parade around the palace and marketplace.

Stop 2: Oudry, M. Bachelier

Imagine what this man would look like in a tee shirt and shorts without his wig(!) Would that be the real man? Tell me some things that you see that make him into something he is not when in his t-shirt? Why does he want to be seen in all this stuff? How do you think it would make him feel?

Stop 3: Picasso, Two Girls Reading

Have you ever felt like this? Do these girls look like the person next to you? Why not? What is similar (is there anyone in the group with a red shirt?) What is different (anyone with a green face?). Picasso painted in a new way to give you different views of familiar things so you would see new and interesting things.

Stop 4: Giacometti, Man Walking

Try to stand like this. Just like this guy, even his face. How do you think he feels? (skinny, bumpy, sad)

Stop 5: Gekka, Haori

This kimona was intended to impress people with the status and clout of the owner; she looked more powerful in it. What about it looks powerful? Is it a little scary? What would you wear to look like a powerful person? (spiderman outfit, crown)



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