Seasons Tour

Docent Thematic Tour

Engagement Strategies: 

Early El:

What do you do in (pick a season)?  (Pick one or two children)

What do you wear to do that? What do you see around you?

What do you do in  (pick a different season)? (Pick different children)

Later El:

(Before you, the docent, comes in for the tour, get the weather report for the day.)

At the first painting, read the weather report slowly.

Turn to the painting and ask if the children think they could write a weather report for the day pictured. Have them look carefully for clues about the weather and the season, jot them down in the order of your weather report and read it back to them, in the style of a weather report, when you are done with that stop.

All:      Art can be beautiful and give us information at the same time. The art we will look at today will show different seasons in different parts of the world. When we look at it we can imagine what it would be like to be in that place at that time.

Stop 1: Break up of the Ice, Monet

Stop 2: St. John on Patmos, Van Cleve

Stop 3: Iridescent Glass, Tiffany

Stop 4: White Territory, Mitchell

Stop 5: Ten-fold Screen of the seasons, Yi Sang-Beom

Alternate Stops: 

View of Fortifications, Van Ruysdael

Spring Landscape, Dow

Sunset Corner, Frankenthaler

Gekka Haori (short Kimono) - different kimono for different seasons


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