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Engagement Strategies:

(present) What would you put in your picture if you could add something to tell people who you are?

(future) What will your portrait look like in 20 years? (get them to imagine their future, what they will be doing,  what wearing, where living, etc.

Real school pictures: Many artists and the people who commission (define that term with students) art add stuff/symbols that give viewers information about the person in the picture. Do you think they always pick the things that are honest and true? Or do they sometimes pick things that make them look better or more important? Art is sometimes like advertising, trying to convince you that something is true when it might not be quite true.

Stop 1: Oudry, M. Bachelier or Tischbein, Portrait of a Lady

Fashion and accessories make them look rich and powerful. 

Stop 2: Rogers, Nydia

Nydia’s walking stick indicates that she is blind. 

Stop 3: Beaded Coronet (bird crown)

Crowns tell you a person is important

Stop 4: Weems, After Manet

The pose of these girls is like a famous painting. How are these girls different than the original? What message does the artist want us to understand by posing the girls lke another work?

Stop 5: Tosa, Portrait of Princess Ito'ori

What is the princess wearing that is "princess-like?"

Alternate Stops:

Sandys, "Portrait of a Lady"

Madenokoji, "Thirty Six Poets Immortal"  


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