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Imagine that you are walking outside. How do you protect yourself from the cold and wet? (warm clothing, boots)  How do you protect your feet from the rough roads? (shoes) How do you protect yourself from getting sick? (medicine) How about when you go out in a car, how do you protect yourself from accidents (seatbelts). In your home, how do you protect yourself from fire and smoke? (smoke detectors and fire alarms) How do your parents protect you? (teach you safety; when you are very small they keep you from falling).

There are many ways to protect yourself and some are seen in art. Imagine what it would be like to believe the things you see in art would protect you and what it would be like to live at the time they were made.

Stop 1: Stained Glass from Reims Cathedral

Some people think that angels or their religion protects them from harm. 

Stop 2: Bougereau, Charity / the Twins

This mother protects the twins by her warmth and compassion

Stop 3: Ethiopian Healing Scroll

Made just for you, protects against illness. 

Stop 4: Sword, Japanese    

Weapons can protect you in a battle.

Stop 5: Protective Amulet, Chinese

The fierce lion face was installed above a door to protect the inhabitants of a house. 


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