Greetings Tour

Docent Thematic Tour

Engagement Strategies:

This tour looks at how artists use body and facial expression and hand gestures to convey meaning in art.

Ask students to put hands in expressive greetings/ gesture of fear, surprise, deep thought, etc.  Repeat with face.

Discuss how we read meaning in expression and gesture with our friends just as we can in art.

Stop 1: Van Cleve, St. John on Patmos

The face tells us what he’s doing. Note detail, color.

Stop 2: Rogers, Nydia

The body and face show emotion.

Tell the story. 

Stop 3: Tiffany, Peacock and / or Doors

Hand made

Note materials

Welcome home (as if extending hand of greeting)

Stop 4: Picasso, Two Girls Reading



Stop 5: Mucalinda Buddha

Faces quiet

Tell story

Stop 6: Ganesh



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