Where We are in Place and Time

I.B. unit of inquiry 

An inquiry into the orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and and migrations of mankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

A group of African Americans praying while kneeling on a street. There is concrete pavement and a brick building behind them.
Danny Lyon
John Lewis in Cairo, from "Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement"
gelatin silver print on paper
11 in x 14 in (27.94 cm x 35.56 cm)
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A black and white photograph of masked, helmeted, armed troops, several of whom grab a person and lift him from the ground, his shirt pulled up over his head. An officer, hat off and held, looks out toward the viewer. Several look towards the conflict from the foreground.
Danny Lyon
Clifford Vaughs, another SNCC photographer, is arrested by the National Guard
gelatin silver print on paper
11 in x 14 in (27.94 cm x 35.56 cm);8 ¾ in x 12 ⅞ in (22.23 cm x 32.7 cm)
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A group of little girls sitting on the stairs in front of a school.
Dorothea Lange
Girls of Lincoln Bench School Studying their Reading Lessons, New Ontario, Malheur County, Oregon
toned gelatin silver print on paper
10 1/2 in. x 10 1/2 in. ( 26.67 cm x 26.67 cm )
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division Reproduction # (407697, LCUSF34 - 21216E)
Krishna, in blue, and Balarama are portrayed in identical poses and wearing peacock-feather headdresses. The paunchy bearded figure at right is their mentor, Sandipani. Two other, older students appear at left. They are seated, approximately equidistantly spaced, in an architectural structure that organizes the space.
Artist Unknown, India, Uttar Pradesh, Chaurapancasika Style
Bhagavata Purana series: Krishna and Balarama Studying with the Brahman Sandipani
ink and opaque watercolor on paper
6 1/2 in x 9 1/16 in (16.5 cm x 23 cm);19 5/16 in x 14 5/16 in (49.05 cm x 36.35 cm);9 1/16 in x 6 1/2 in (23 cm x 16.5 cm)
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel
This photograph depicts an aerial view of an earth work of a human figure encased by the shape of a pentagon.
Marilyn Bridges
Ha-ak, Blythe Site #1, Blythe, CA
gelatin silver print on paper
20 in x 24 in (50.8 cm x 60.96 cm)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Utagawa Toyoharu
Writing (Sho)
color woodblock print on paper
18 11/16 in. x 13 7/8 in. ( 47.47 cm x 35.24 cm )
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
An image of three children walking on a beach under an umbrella, their backs to the viewer. A fourth child stands, out of focus, in the background among buildings.
Peter Turnley
Cambodian Refugees in a Refugee Camp on the Border in Thailand, 1988
archival pigment print on paper
24 in x 20 in (60.96 cm x 50.8 cm);20 in x 13 ½ in (50.8 cm x 34.29 cm)
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
This print has rows of stencilled black text in all capital letters on white background. In pencil, the print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Glenn Lignon '92" and numbered (l.l.) "27/45". 
Glenn Ligon
etching, aquatint, spitbite, and sugarlift on Rives BFK paper
25 in x 17 1/4 in (63.5 cm x 43.82 cm);32 3/16 in x 26 3/16 in (81.76 cm x 66.52 cm)
Museum Purchase
A black and white image of three children and four adults with suitcases greeting two other adults with a white fence in the foreground.
Richard Swanson
Estonian Refugees
gelatin silver print | paper
Gift of Mark Swanson
An aerial view of a flooded farmhouse, outbuildings and trees with boats at the farmhouse door.
Arthur Rothstein
Mississippi River Flood
gelatin silver print on paper
16 in x 20 in (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
Black and white image of people holding signs while walking across an intersection. 
Joanne Leonard
Protest Marching in an Intersection
gelatin silver print on paper
8 in x 10 in (20.32 cm x 25.4 cm);6 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in (16.51 cm x 21.59 cm)
Gift of the artist
An image of a drawn map of New York City featuring a compass, three ships, and a person in armor with a photographed face collaged on top of it. Photographs depicting New York City landscapes are collaged across the map.
Jane Hammond
The Wonderfulness of Downtown
screenprint and lithograph with collage elements on paper
64 ¼ in x 67 ¼ in x 2 ¼ in (163.19 cm x 170.82 cm x 5.72 cm);59 in x 61 in (149.86 cm x 154.94 cm)
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle


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