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Celestial bodies

This black and white stereoscopic image features two images of a moon
Stereo Classics Studio<br><em>Stereoscope Image, Sample Set No.2: The Moon Age 9 Days</em><br>1978<br>photograph | cardboard<br>Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond<br>2010/1.169.84
The scene depicts a quarter section of the moon on the left side of the composition. The face of the moon is made up of swirling, circular shapes, with two lines that cut through vertically, and two shorter lines on the top left that cut through horizontally. The right side of the composition is solid black, and the details of the moon fade to black near the bottom.
Lowell Nesbitt<br><em>Moon Shot</em><br>1969<br>screenprint | paper<br>Gift of Reese and Marilyn Palley<br>1991/2.109.3
This is a colorful abstract print with geometric shapes in blue, yellow, green and red outlined in black. There are also three white areas with black line drawings that depict a plant in a flower pot and two cypress trees in the bottom section and a landscape with mountains and a yellow moon in the upper right portion.
Italo Scanga<br><em>Moon Over Cypress</em><br>1989<br>lithograph | cream Rives BFK<br>Gift of Robert and Janet Miller<br>2010/2.40
A group of men with one woman discussing the moon in a room with a large opening on the left side.
Annibale Gatti<br><em>Untitled</em><br>1847 - 1909<br>oil | canvas<br>Bequest of Henry C. Lewis<br>1895.93
David Aronson<br><em>Moon Worshippers (Prayer to the Moon)</em><br>1959<br>bronze<br>Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Irving F. Burton<br>1973/2.43
Three figures stand in the bottom left corner.  The image is mostly tan and light blue except very dark in the center.  The blue horizon line is in the top third of the image stretching from a cityscape on the left side to a sweeping hill on the right side. There is a small moon in the middle at the very top of the image.
Joseph Mallord William Turner<br><em>Moon over Lausanne</em><br>1836<br>watercolor and graphite | paper<br>Gift of Helmut Stern<br>1991/2.72
The dark color pallette and the moon indicate that the image is set at night.  There are people standing in the water, bending over in search of fish. Others stand on the bank, helping with the fishing process. Also shown are the silhouettes of a bridge over the water and the mountains in the distance.
Andô Hiroshige<br><em>Famous Views of Snow, Moon and Flowers: Trout Fishing by Moonlight on the Tamagawa River</em><br>1841 - 1851<br>color woodblock print | paper<br>Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker<br>1948/1.137
P.J. Hornberger<br><em>By the Light of the Moon</em><br>1991<br>oil | canvas<br>Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection<br>2002/1.190
Jean Solombre<br><em>Untitled [Floating mask against night sky with crescent moon]</em><br>1980<br>lithograph | paper<br>Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick<br>2004/2.64
Eddie Arning<br><em>Camp scene with three trees and moon</em><br>1960 - 1975<br>oil pastel | paper<br>Gift of the Cohen Family Fund<br>2005/1.306
Fernando Ramos Prida<br><em>Their Moon and their Flowerpot</em><br>1971<br>oil | canvas<br>Joseph and Mildred Hartsook Collection<br>1987/1.168
Gold-weight in the shape of a rectangular base with a raised zig-zag pattern along one side and seventeen raised teeth along the other. 
Akan<br><em>Gold-weight</em><br>1900 - 1985<br>brass<br>Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis<br>1997/1.491


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89 Collection Object Sources

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Red Sun (1957/1.103)
Delphic Sun Box (1983/1.219)
Sumire (Violet) (2011/2.16)
Nueva York (2011/2.81)
Troistedt (1952/2.7)
Gold-weight (1997/1.372)
The Star (1972/1.168)
Castronautes (1965/2.88)

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