The Moon has been looming overtop of humans since before recorded history. The silent counterpart to the mighty sun, the moon is ever present in our eyes, our minds, and in our imagination. The way the moon has been weaved into different mythologies, religions, traditions, and cultures from all around the world is astounding but also not surprising, as the moon is something we all experience. This introspective look at artworks featuring the Moon strives to make comparisons between works that span centuries and many different style and mediums, all of whom share the same goal of depicting something we see every night, the Moon. 

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The Black Tree + Mountain

Accession Number

The Black Tree + Mountain

Wynn Bullock

Artist Nationality
American (North American)

Object Creation Date
1956, printed 1965

Medium & Support
gelatin silver print on paper

10 in x 8 in (25.4 cm x 20.32 cm)

Credit Line
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond

Subject matter
This photograph depicts a view of a hilly landscape enveloped in fog. Rising from a hillside in the lower right portion of the image, the black, scraggily form of a leafless tree stands starkly against the misty landscape. The hills and trees beyond fall away in the distance, obscured by the thick bank of fog. Above, shining through a passing bank of low-lying clouds, the sun’s radiance casts rays of light along the lining of the clouds and mist. As this photograph was exposed for the brightness of the sun’s rays, the rest of photograph is shrouded in hazy gray. The clouds passing before the sun appear to roil and seethe, almost resembling the light of a full moon at night. This atmospheric effect, enhanced by the barren silhouette the tree, whose empty branches reach bleakly against the light of the setting sun, creates a brooding ambience.

Physical Description
This photograph depicts a hilly landscape enveloped in fog and low-lying clouds. In the foreground stands a black leafless tree.

Primary Object Classification

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landscapes (environments)
suns (stars)

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