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Oda Kazuma
Mt. Hodaka at Kamikôchi, Seen from Takusawa (Kamikôchi Takusawa kara mita Hodaka
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto
Image of mountains and water with a foggy sky.
Lynn Davis (American (North American))
Three Gorges, Yangtse River, China
2000 – 2002
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)

Chuang Che
Southern Mountain

Nancy Hanes
Rolling Mountains
Museum Purchase
This is a hanging scroll depicting a nature scene of mountains, a river, and trees. Painted in ink and color, the scene follows the river as the guiding path throughout the painting until it reaches the mountains in the upper third of the painting. There appears to be a small figure in the bottom left walking along the riverside path. As the river snakes to the mountains, there is a bridge that connects the two sides.  On the upper right side of the painting are four lines of inscription. To the upper right are two seals and on the bottom left directly following the inscription are two more seals. 
Mountains High and Waters Long
20th century
Depicted in this hanging scroll are mountains coming out of water and fog. Painted in ink and light color on paper, the mountains start from the bottom right and snake up to the upper left. There is an inscription in the upper left corner followed by two red seals. In the negative space in the left lower corner is a boat with three individuals rowing. On the right is a bridge. 
Mori Kansai
Mountain landscape in spring
1850 – 1894
A print reproduction on paper this image shows a mountain village in the snow, as the title suggests. To the right is the village represented by six or so roofed buildings of two different styles looking over an overhang on the left. The overhang on the left shows large pine trees disappearing into the fog or mist as we move further back. The background shows a singular outline of a massive mountain in the distance. On the lower right corner is a vertical inscription and a red seal following it. 
Kawai Gyokudô
Mountain Village in Snow
20th century

Oda Kazuma
Lake Ashino at Hakone (Hakone Ashinoko)
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto
The top of a mountain with trees on top and a very cloudy sky. The top of the mountain appears to be much lighter than the rest of the darker mountain. On the left hand side of the upper portion of mountain there appears to be a mowed section of grass.
Morley Baer
Untitled (Mountains with Trees)
1916 – 1995
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
This is a black and white photograph depicting a rocky hillside in a barren landscape. There are craggy peaks in the background and some scrub type vegetation. The viewpoint is from above looking down.
Joe Deal
Indio, California, from "The Fault Zone"
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952

Théodore Valério
A Montenegrin Chieftain
1839 – 1879

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Bicycles on Sunday (Bicicletas en domingo), from "Manuel Alvarez Bravo"
1966 – 1981
Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin