PAST- Moon & Lunar Study Cases    

This black and white stereoscopic image features two images of a moon
Stereo Classics Studio
Stereoscope Image, Sample Set No.2: The Moon Age 9 Days
photograph on cardboard
3 11/16 in. x 7 in. ( 9.4 cm x 17.8 cm )
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
This print is vertically oriented with gray markings. A cream border surrounds it and it has “NIGHT” written below it. The lower half of the print has a busy street scene with lots of people taking parts of several stories (e.g. someone empting a chamber pot on people on the street, a tipped over carriage that is being set on fire, a quack doctor performing an operation in a candlelit room). The upper half of the print shows the tops of the buildings that line the street, iron-wrought shop signs, a statue of a man on horseback in the distance, and a crescent moon in a cloudy sky.
William Hogarth
The Four Times of Day: Night
etching and engraving on laid paper
18 3/16 in x 16 in (46.2 cm x 40.64 cm);28 1/16 in x 22 1/16 in (71.28 cm x 56.04 cm);23 ⅛ in x 18 ¼ in (58.74 cm x 46.36 cm);17 7/16 in x 14 ⅜ in (44.29 cm x 36.51 cm);18 3/16 in x 16 in (46.2 cm x 40.64 cm)
Museum Purchase
Honoré Victorin Daumier
Moeurs conjugales. Pl. 53: Madame Anastasie Boujot est de première force...
lithograph on paper
10 1/8 in x 8 3/4 in (25.72 cm x 22.23 cm);10 1/8 in x 8 3/4 in (25.72 cm x 22.23 cm);10 1/8 in x 8 3/4 in (25.72 cm x 22.23 cm);14 in x 9 13/16 in (35.56 cm x 24.92 cm);14 in x 19 in (35.56 cm x 48.26 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This photograph depicts a hilly landscape enveloped in fog and low-lying clouds. In the foreground stands a black leafless tree.
Wynn Bullock
The Black Tree + Mountain
gelatin silver print on paper
10 in x 8 in (25.4 cm x 20.32 cm)
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
An abstract painting with a low horizon line, deep blue above the horizon and dark greenish-brown below. There is a brown cloud-like abstract form left of center, and bright white, swirling brushstroke right of center.
E. E. Cummings
oil on cardboard
14 9/16 in x 18 3/16 in (36.99 cm x 46.2 cm);8 9/16 in x 14 5/16 in (21.75 cm x 36.35 cm)
Gift of Laurence and Nancy Goldstein
Photograph of a man in a folding chair on the roof and woman on the hood of a sedan at night in a forest setting.
Joel Meyerowitz
Cape Canaveral, Moon Launch
gelatin silver print on paper
11 in x 13 15/16 in (27.94 cm x 35.4 cm);16 in x 20 in (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
Gift of Selma & Gerald Lotenberg
The phrase "<em>When did you last see a blue moon?</em>" is digitally printed on paper and signed by artist then placed in a mass produced frame with a flower sticker in the lower right corner. 
Ben Patterson
"When did you last see a blue moon?"
ink on paper, sticker on Plexiglas, within frame
8 1/4 in x 6 1/4 in x 5/8 in (20.96 cm x 15.88 cm x 1.59 cm)
Gift of the artist
This abstract composition is composed of small dots in blue, yellow, green, red, and purple floating on a white ground. The colors are grouped to form larger abstract shapes in varying sizes. 
Nancy Graves
Maskelyne DA Region of the Moon, plate VI
five color lithograph printed on Arches Cover
22 3/8 in x 29 13/16 in (56.8 cm x 75.7 cm)
Museum Purchase
Centered on the page, this print shows two figures dressed in long robes. One figure wears a blue robe with maroon circles and the other is the opposite. Each faceless figure, carries a knife in one hand. On their heads are headdresses with a black cap and large white half-moon shape attached. The figures look like they are in motion.
Carlos Mérida
Danza de la media luna
lithograph on paper
16 7/8 in x 12 1/2 in (42.86 cm x 31.75 cm)
Museum Purchase
Gold-weight in the shape of a square base with a central spiral surmounting an arch, surrounded by raised notches along two sides. 
3/4 in x 9/16 in x 3/8 in (1.9 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.9 cm)
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis
Gold-weight in the shape of a square base with three raised arches bisected by vertical lines surrounding a central spiral. On two sides there is a row of six raised notches. 
1 1/4 in x 15/16 in x 3/8 in (3.1 cm x 2.4 cm x 1 cm)
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis
A wood box of semi-circular form, with a stylized form of a human face incised on the lid. The sides of the box, and around the face, are incised with geometric motifs, and two small holes are pierced in the lid and front of the box to fasten. The sides of the box are also covered with red powder. 
wood and tukula powder
7 1/2 in x 3 7/16 in x 2 1/4 in (19 cm x 8.8 cm x 5.7 cm)
Gift of Al and Margaret Coudron

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