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The snowy mass of Mount Hira rises behind a snow-covered village and clumps of bamboo by an inlet of Lake Biwa. The attendant poem in the upper left corner reads: <br />         He who would see the beauty of the evening on the peaks of <br />         Hira must behold it after the snows have fallen and before the <br />         flowers are fully blown.<br />
Utagawa Hiroshige
Eight Views of Ômi: #1 Evening Snow on Mount Hira
color woodblock print on paper
9 in x 13 11/16 in (22.86 cm x 34.77 cm);14 3/8 in x 19 5/16 in (36.51 cm x 49.05 cm);13 1/16 in x 17 1/2 in (33.18 cm x 44.45 cm);9 in x 13 11/16 in (22.86 cm x 34.77 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This photograph depicts a snow-covered oak tree in a clearing during a winter snowstorm.
Ansel Adams
Oak Tree, Snowstorm, Yosemite National Park, California
gelatin silver print on paper
19 3/4 in x 15 1/2 in (50.17 cm x 39.37 cm);32 3/16 in x 26 1/4 in (81.76 cm x 66.68 cm);28 1/8 in x 22 1/8 in (71.44 cm x 56.2 cm)
Gift of Harry H. Lunn, Jr.
A black and white photo of a shoreline. A large rock formation rises in the background.
Brett Weston
Untitled, (Oregon Shore)
gelatin silver print on paper
7 5/8 in x 9 9/16 in (19.37 cm x 24.29 cm);13 1/2 in x 16 in (34.29 cm x 40.64 cm)
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
This photograph is of a temperate forest at the beginning of springtime. A small blooming tree occupies the center of the frame.
Eliot Porter
Shad Tree in Bloom, Great Smoky Mountains, 14 April 1968
cibachrome print on paper
20 in x 24 5/16 in (50.8 cm x 61.75 cm);28 in x 22 in (71.12 cm x 55.88 cm)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sobel
View of a park with a large tree in the foreground.
Eugène Atget
Environs of Paris
gold-toned gelatin silver print on paper
10 in x 13 in (25.4 cm x 33.02 cm)
Museum Purchase
Pine trees in the snow on top of a mountain. Dark trees, grey shadows and white snow.
Brett Weston
Pine Trees, Snowy Slope
gelatin silver print on paper
9 9/16 in. x 7 5/8 in. ( 24.29 cm x 19.37 cm )
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Photographed from ground level, this image depicts a wide view of a valley floor surrounded by tall cliffs on either side.
Carleton Emmons Watkins
Down the Valley, Yosemite, California
albumen print on paper
8 1/4 in x 11 7/8 in (20.9 cm x 30.2 cm);16 in x 20 in (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Cloudy mountain scene with calligrapic text in the upper right corner.
Chang Ku-nien
White Clouds
hanging scroll, ink on paper
35 1/8 in x 17 in (89.22 cm x 43.18 cm)
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
Charles Schlickum
Mountain Landscape
oil on artist's board
11 15/16 in. x 10 in. ( 30.4 cm x 25.4 cm )
Gift of Ralph R. Rupp, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor, The University of Michigan
This photograph depicts a view looking down through a rocky passage to a mountainous landscape beyond.
Eliot Porter
Waterfall, Hagavatn, Iceland, 25 July 1972
cibachrome print on paper
23 15/16 in x 19 15/16 in (60.8 cm x 50.64 cm)
Gift of Marilyn and Leon Sokol
Jean Paul Slusser
Winter Scene
watercolor on white paper
10 9/16 in. x 14 1/2 in. ( 26.8 cm x 36.8 cm )
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White
Landscape painting with white mountain peak in center background, body of water in foreground, and a Native American encampment to left.
John Stanley
Mount Hood from The Dalles
oil on canvas
62 in x 96 ½ in (157.48 cm x 245.11 cm);62 in x 96 ½ in (157.48 cm x 245.11 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Edith Stanley Bayles and the late Mrs. Jane C. Stanley


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