Writing Activity: Visual Analysis

Analyze how visual elements contribute to meaning and tone

Teachers and docents find that writing with art is an exciting, productive activity. Whether you are in a museum or a classroom, the following ideas and prompts can be springboards to writing for many purposes.  

Engagement Strategies: When we read a good book or watch a good movie we get an emotional response to the experience. Often artists express their emotions and want to tap into the viewer’s emotions through their art.

Questions and Activities: 

Take a minute and observe.

What do you notice? (all responses are accepted-teach into them)

What is the feeling or mood? How did the artist do that? (This is perhaps a place to give some background on artist/period)

What is going on? Why do you think that?

What other details do you notice?

Follow up this discussion with a written response. Model what you mean by a response- “Music is blaring. Is it a warning of danger?”

Each of you write your own response on a slip of paper. It will be interesting to see what we come up with collectively.

Possible Props: Collaborative Poem

Strips of paper (one for each student)

Clip boards/pencils

When responses are written have 2 students arrange the slips for rhythm and meaning. Read out loud in a poetic manner. 


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