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F18 Makman - ASTRO 182 / ENGLISH 242 - Where is the Science in Science Fiction

A photograph of a large farm machine in a field of corn. A man in a hat operates the machine.
Arthur Rothstein
Farm Machine
gelatin silver print | paper
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
This screenprint is in grey and black on white background. There are a variety of images and text collaged together, in three main sections. At the top, in grey, there is one large image of a group of naked toy dolls with a Volkswagen Beatle collaged over top and to the right, three smaller identical images of a man stretching against a palm tree at the beach. Below this is another section with text printed in grey and photographs of white men, including Albert Einstein on the far left, printed in black. The bottom register has two images printed in grey. On the left, there is an image of a man helping another man into a space suit with computers in the background; on the right, there is a detail of on of Michelangelo's<em> ​Dying Slave </em>(ca. 1513).
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Smash hit, Good Lovin, plus Like a Rolling Stone, Slow Down, etc.
1965 – 1970
screenprint | paper
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
This vertical oriented print shows a robot sitting on a chair with a revolver in his right hand. 
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
No Heroes Developed
1965 – 1970
screenprint | paper
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
Close-up view of two dogs, one fully outfitted in a canine spacesuit, the other with face and front paws uncovered. 
Dmitri Baltermants
Mishka the Space Dog is Being Dressed, While Tsyganka the Other Space Dog is Already Dressed
gelatin silver print | paper
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Darryl Baird
Aqueous Humor #13, from "Detroit Focus 2000"
pigment print | paper
Gift of Detroit Focus 2000, and partial purchase with funds from the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
This is a black and white photograph with an elevated point of view. It depicts a thick diagonal white line on pavement with a figure standing on the left beside it. The figure is only partially shown with a dark silhouette, but details of his shoe, placed parallel the to white line, are precise. The figure holds a long thin plank of wood at his side that mimics the diagonal white line.<br />
Ralph Gibson
Perfect Future, from "The Silver Edition, Volume I"
photograph | fiber paper
Gift of Selma and Gerry Lotenberg
Esteban Frances
Extra Terrestrials
colored pencil |
Gift of Gerome Kamrowski
Black, grey, and white geometric shapes and lines interact on off-white paper.  
Victor Vasarely
Clarities: Laika
screenprint | paper
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
André Masson
The Industrial Beast (La Bête industrielle), Plate IX from "Bestiary (Bestiaire)"
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
John Tunnard
South Polar Quadrille
ink, colored crayons, watercolor and gouache | white wove paper
Museum Purchase
In this print, there are line drawings and mirrored text in black at the bottom and to the right. The bottom scene depicts a partial figure in profile with lines coming from the head and a small equestrian figure. In the upper left of the print, there is a colored box with a larger profile of a figure in creams, red, yellow and blue. Inside the head there are a series of lines and shapes as well as drawings of small ants. In front of the figure's face there is a rectangular object with ants and other abstract shapes drawn on it. Below the figure's chin is the artist's monogram and the date. Above the figure's head, to the right, is a geometric pattern in black, white, red and blue. A long tube circles the base of the figure's head and extends down to the lower right on the inserted image. The print is signed (l.r.) and numbered (l.l.) in pencil.
Salvador Dali
Lunettes à hologrammes et ordinateurs pour voir les objets imaginés
drypoint etching, lithograph, screenprint | paper
Anonymous Gift
Lowell Nesbitt
Moon Shot
screenprint | paper
Gift of Reese and Marilyn Palley


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