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Aging and the Elderly

Murray Riss<br><em>Brooklyn, N.Y., from "Photographs Rhode Island School of Design"</em><br>1966<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952<br>2000/2.139.9
This photograph depicts a uniformed man and a group of children standing in a field, a makeshift hut behind them.
Alen MacWeeney<br><em>Chimney Sweep and Children, Ireland</em><br>1965 - 1966<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Carl W. Melcher<br>1981/2.168.2
Elliott Erwitt<br><em>Photographer, Herat, Afganistan, from "Recent Developments"</em><br>1977<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin<br>1987/1.175.8
Gerald Parker<br><em>People Waiting for a Bus (bus driver yawning)</em><br>1977 - 1980<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of the artist<br>2002/2.101
An organ grinder and a young girl perform on a Paris street.
Eugène Atget<br><em>Street Musicians</em><br>1898 - 1974<br>gold-toned gelatin silver print | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1974/1.120
An elderly couple seated on a park bench with pigeons at their feet. There is a close-up of a hand on the left hand side that is feeding a white pigeon, mid-air.
Louis Stettner<br><em>Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg (Elderly Couple Feeding Birds)</em><br>1998<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Will and Joanne Potter<br>2013/2.294
Ivan Albright<br><em>Fleeting Time Thou Hast Left Me Old</em><br>1946<br>lithograph | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1953/2.22
A painting of a rural, rather secluded homestead.  The property is surrounded by woods.  There is a woman who is pulling water from a well and child awaiting the arrival of her grandparents.  The elder couple has just arrived onto the property of their family, still standing at the threshold of the forest path and the grounds of the home, and are greeted by a small dog.  To the right is a simple barn with a thatched roof where a horse and presumably other animals are kept.  The yard is full of activity - a group of chicken and a rooster pick at food from the ground while nearby a chicken looks after a group of chicks.  To the right of the scene, between the edge of the house and the well are a few duks looking around.
Anton Heinrich Dieffenbach<br><em>The Arrival of Grandfather and Grandmother</em><br>1862<br>oil on canvas<br>Gift of Keren and Mark Kalimian<br>2009/2.91
Four men from the chest up at an angle. There is an older man in the front, looking off into the distance. Behind him is a taller man wearing a black cap. There are trees and buildings in the far background.
Louis Stettner<br><em>London</em><br>1996<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80<br>2013/2.333
Older man in a suit and cap seated on a bench, his head is down.There are palm trees in the background and the city skyline of buildings.
Louis Stettner<br><em>NYC (Man on Bench)</em><br>2001<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Will and Joanne Potter<br>2013/2.284
A close-up portrait of an older woman with light hair and a knitted striped cap. She is looking ahead and smiling.
Louis Stettner<br><em>Portrait of Woman in Cap, from "Bowery Series, NYC"</em><br>1986<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Will and Joanne Potter<br>2013/2.285
A portrait of two men and a dog. The man on the left is wearing a hat and white shirt; he has a large moustache. The older man to the right is wearing a plaid button down shirt.
Shelby Lee Adams<br><em>Lincoln, Maw and Shorty</em><br>1992<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH<br>2013/2.86


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44 Collection Object Sources

Street Musicians (1974/1.120)
London (2013/2.333)
Shoemaker (1981/2.7)
Untitled (1990/2.61)
Self-Portrait (2012/2.212)
Self-portrait (1983/2.42)
Untitled (1983/2.150)
New York City (1981/2.65.6)
Old Age (2001/2.127)
Merce Cunningham (2009/1.489)
Self-Portrait (1948/1.67)

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