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Within an elaborate decorative framework consisting of griffins, birds, dogs, and fantastic half man-half beast creatures is a central panel with the image of a nude woman standing on a column holding a victor's wreath in either hand. Approaching for either side is a man in a quadriga holding a banner; each also holds a line that extends up to the wreath in the woman's hand.
Hans Vries
Ornament Print from a series: 'Grottesco in diversche manieren'
1555 – 1560
Museum Purchase
This impressively large engraving depicts the muscular back of a marble statue of a man. The figure leans upon a club draped with a lion skin and holds three apples in his right hand behind his back. Two men look up at the statue from the lower right corner of the print.
Hendrick Goltzius
The Farnese Hercules
1587 – 1597
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Two men standing in a stream, two other men standing on the bank. There are many oxen crossing the stream. In the background, there is a castle on top of a hill surrounded by foliage.
Claude Lorrain (French (culture or style))
Pastoral Landscape
1770 – 1780
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
This print contains four distinct scenes demarcated by boxes which depict four different incarnations of a deity. 
Bernard Picart (French (culture or style))
Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the People of the World: Incarnations (Avatars) Five through Eight of Vishnu
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
This print is broken into two scenes, each of which depict a sculpture of a deity in an architectural interior. Each figure is depicted as seated, or standing on a pedestal with worshippers standing or kneeling to each side. 
Bernard Picart (French (culture or style))
Religious Ceremoies and Customs of the People of the World: Shiva and Ganesha
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Paper folded under on bottom approximatly 7cm. Partial label remnants are at lower center of verso. Image size: h 28 3/5cm x tw 21 4/5cm & bw 20 7/10cm.
Odilon Redon
Sainte et Chardon
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Eight hands and wrists, some male others female, are arrayed across this sheet in various gestures.
Sheet of Studies of Hands
19th century
Gift of Clan Crawford, Jr.
This print depicts an ornamental design. The central axis of the design is composed of a fanciful stand with a nude winged boy holding a trident, seen from the back, seated on the top. A pair of sirens holding small banners flank the base, and a pair of hybrid sphinx-like creatures perch near the top. The letter "L" appears in the center of the stand and the date "1528" is inscribed in the base.
Lucas Van Leyden
Panel of Ornament with Two Sirens
Museum Purchase
A bearded man, wearing only a crown of thorns, a loincloth, and a long robe, stands stooped and sorrowful at the top of a short flight of steps. A man wearing a pointed cap and holding a scepter in his left hand emerges from the doorway behind him and points toward him with his right hand. A riotous crowd, full of grimacing and leering faces, stands on the steps and ground below. A column and a bundle of switches appear through the window behind the crowned figure. A small snarling dog appears in the foreground next to the steps where the artist's initials "M + S" are inscribed.
Martin Schongauer
Ecce Homo (Passion Series)
1475 – 1485
Museum Purchase
A shoulder-length portrait of a man occupies the bottom half of the image.  The upper portion of the image is untouched.  The man's head is silhouetted against a very dark background created by dense marks and hatching that prints very dark.  The man looks away from the viewer to the left; behind his head is a partially drawn crow or raven.  The man has short hair, moustache and beard.
Paul Gauguin
Portrait de Stéphane Mallarmé
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
A nude woman is seen in profile crouching and turning her head toward the viewer. She is backed up against a short pedestal or wal, on top of which a winged cupid bends towards the woman. On the right side is a slender tree, and behind the figures is an expansive landscape.
Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian (culture or style))
Crouching Venus
1505 – 1506
Museum Purchase