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A two point perspective lithograph print depicting a high-rise building in New York.
Emilio Sanchez
New York on a Sunny Day
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation
This color lithograph depicts the front facade of a blue house, with a tower-like element in the center sporting a white pyramid hip roof. At the right, there is a gate with the large canopy of green visible just beyond. 
Emilio Sanchez
La Casita Azul
1978 – 1988
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation

Carlos Lopez
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Gerome Kamrowski
This color lithograph has a bright yellow background with figures in red and white at the center. Horizontally oriented at the center is a large white semi-geometric creature with three heads—one at the bottom and two at the flanks—that is capped with horns and breasts. There is a red box-like figure in the background that has a horned head and a series of horns, wings, and flames emanating from it. The print is numbered, titled and signed (l.r.) in pencil: "no 57 - "Quetzal" / Wilfredo Lam".
Wifredo Lam (Cuban)
Museum Purchase
A woman with a loose head wrapping stares downward and to her right. Her eyes are blank.
Carlos Lopez
1946 – 1952
Museum Purchase
This print shows a shipyard, with three laborers working on the hull of a large boat under a dark sky.
Carlos Lopez
Joseph the Carpenter
1930 – 1952
Gift of The Ann Arbor Art Association, in memory of Ruby S. Churchhill
A group of young girls and boys rush toward the camera with smiles on their faces and hands outstretched.
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
School Recess, Cuba
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)

Carlos Lopez
Head of a Woman
1908 – 1953
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Gerome Kamrowski
In this print, there is a figure that is formed in the upper right with thick black lines. It floats above abstract circular line designs. There is a blue and purple background, with areas of light behind the figure, darker areas below the figure. The print is signed (l.r.) and numbered (l.l.) "5/100" in pencil.
Roberto Matta (Chilean)
Museum Purchase
This print shows two figures dancing in front of three musicians by the water with a moon in the sky and reflected in the water. A far away seaside fort is visible in the upper left corner. 
Miguel Covarrubias (Mexican)
Afro-Cuban Dancers and Percussionists
1920 – 1940
Museum Purchase
A line of men in workers' garb raise machetes with joyous expressions on their faces.  
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Sugarcane Workers with Machetes Raised, Cuba
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)

Carlos Lopez
Proof No. 2
1908 – 1953
Bequest of Jean Paul Slusser