F24 Curriculum / Collection - LSWA + Sweetland - brainstorm 2

This print is a colorful image of a sink filled with green water. At the center, there is a miniature boat that floats in the water. On the counter-space of the sink at the back, there sits various toiletries such as mouthwash, perfume, toothbrushes, and a razor. Almost out of the frame, a red washcloth hangs off the left edge of the sink. The print is signed (l.r.) "Doug Webb" and numbered (l.l.) "AP 24/75" in pencil.
Doug Webb
Urban Daydream II
screenprint | paper
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
A crop of cotton plants blow in the wind amongst a field of grass. Above the field is a cloudless blue sky. In the bottom-right corner is a patch of dirt.
Nicotye Samayualie;Inuit
Cotton Grass
lithograph | paper
Gift of Katherine Kurtz and Raburn Howland
Photograph of a small composition featuring three paper sculptures on the ground in front of a grass field with a fence in the background. The placement gives the appearances of a house and two other structures. 
Jennifer Wynne Reeves
1990 – 2014
archival inkjet print | paper
Gift of the Jennifer Wynne Reeves Trust
Wood frame with a print depicting a desert hotel with working lightbulbs. Behind the image is a video of a man and woman moving around in two separate hotel rooms. 
Tracey Snelling
wood, paper, lightbulbs, electrical wire, portable media player |
Gift of Ralph Segreti
A figured modeled from clay stands on a surface painted to look like wood. Behind the figure, a constructed wall with a window covers part of the scenery extending to the left of the image. 
Jennifer Wynne Reeves
1990 – 2014
archival inkjet print | paper
Gift of the Jennifer Wynne Reeves Trust
Two abstracted, bust-length figures, one male and one female, look directly at the viewer with large smiles. The background is tan, and filled with swirling lines and scribbles. The face and eyes of each figure are outlined in thick green, the mouths in thick yellow. The “whites” of the eyes are red, while the pupils are circles of pale purple. Purple paint drips down from the eyes of the male figure, while the paint on the female figure drips upward.
Tyree Guyton
Ups and Downs
acrylic | masonite
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
Eddie Arning
Woman alone in landscape
1960 – 1975
oil pastel | paper
Gift of the Cohen Family Fund
This colorful, minimalist print shows five nails on the left (four red and one purple), and five bobby pins on the right (two yellow, two red, and one purple). Nails and bobby pins are arranged as tally marks, four vertical and one crossing horizontally.<br />
Edition 225/300
James Rosenquist
Ten Days
silkscreen | paper
Gift of Mr. Robert Rauschenberg
Photograph of a dirt-covered white glove in mid-grip on a plank of wood.
Aaron Siskind
Gloucester 1H
1944 – 1956
gelatin silver print | paper
Gift of the Betty Parsons Foundation
The print shows a hand coming from the left of the frame on a solid red background. Depicted with the index finger pointing at the viewer, the skin of the hand is patterned with a grid of red dots. Part of the forearm is shown, with the cuff of the white shirt and black suit. The print is signed and numbered.
Roy Lichtenstein
Finger Pointing
screenprint | wove paper
Gift of Mr. Robert Rauschenberg
This woodblock print depicts a man in trousers and a jacket compacted into the space of the print. The man is kneeling on his left knee while his right foot is raised and pushed up against a surface on the left of the image. Both of his arms are raised, with the left jutting out towards the viewer and the palm of his hand is fully visible. The numbered and print is signed (l.c.) "3 Pepe Ortega" in pencil.
José Ortega
El bache
1952 – 1953
woodblock print | paper
Museum Purchase
Print made to resemble a wood framed chalk board; dated lower left 1974; at lower right, artist&#39;s insignia a capital W within a circle.
William T. Wiley
I Hope You Learned Your Lesson
color etching, sugarlift and hand-burnished aquatint | J. Barcham Green paper
Museum Purchase


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