Fall 2021 Photographs on Display

Peter Henry Emerson
Setting the Bow Net, Pl. 2, from "The Life and Landscapes on the Norfolk Broads"
platinum print | paper
Museum purchase
Baldwin Lee
Untitled, Vicksburg, MS
gelatin silver print | paper
Museum Purchase
A composite print from two negatives, each representing a moment from a dance performance. The woman wears a large cloth, which she manipulates with her motions to create forms and shapes.
Barbara Morgan
Martha Graham—Lamentation
gelatin silver print | paper
Gift of Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds
This photograph is divided in a grid of two rows, each made up of eleven vertical images. In each of these frames, a naked man is shown climbing the rungs of a ladder. Each frame depicts the movement of his body as he makes his ascent.
Eadweard Muybridge
Man Climbing Ladder, Plate III
1884 – 1887
collotype | paper
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
Norman Baker; Giraud V. Foster
Flowering Tree, from "Ancient Microworlds"
color photograph on paper
26 in. x 22 in. ( 66.1 cm x 55.9 cm )
Gift of the artists
Howard Bond
Chapter House Pillar, Wells, from "English Churches"
gelatin silver print on paper
16 15/16 in. x 14 in. ( 43 cm x 35.5 cm )
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This photogravure is one of a series of photographs by Edward Steichen commissioned by Auguste Rodin of his statue of the French writer Honoré de Balzac. Created at 4:00 a.m., a cloaked and silhouetted figure stands in a misty landscape.
Edward Steichen
Balzac, Towards the Light, Midnight
photogravure on paper
8 1/4 in x 11 3/4 in (20.96 cm x 29.85 cm)
Gift of Maxine and Lawrence K. Snider
This photograph depicts a view of a street scene in Naples, Italy. Hanging from the terraces of an old, elegant building are lines of laundry. In the street below are carts, pedestrians, and laborers.  
Giorgio Sommer
albumen print on paper
7 5/8 in x 10 in (19.37 cm x 25.4 cm);16 in x 20 in (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
This photograph depicts a cement interior with individuals on foot and in cars passing before a large American flag mural painted on the wall.
Robert Frank
American Flag in Brick Wall
gelatin silver print on paper
8 in x 11 1/16 in (20.32 cm x 28.1 cm);10 15/16 in x 13 15/16 in (27.78 cm x 35.4 cm);14 3/8 in x 19 3/8 in (36.51 cm x 49.21 cm);7 15/16 in x 11 1/8 in (20.16 cm x 28.26 cm)
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952
Baldwin Lee
Untitled, Vicksburg, MS
gelatin silver print on paper
15 7/8 in x 20 1/16 in (40.32 cm x 50.96 cm)
Museum Purchase
A black and white image of a male figure wearing a suit, clasping a newspaper at his waist, and with a house in place of a head. 
Melanie Walker
Head of the House
archival pigment print on paper
19 in x 11 ½ in (48.26 cm x 29.21 cm);14 ½ in x 10 ½ in (36.83 cm x 26.67 cm)
Gift of the artist
Close-up view of a woman laughing with her mouth open wide.
Nan Goldin
Self-portrait laughing, Paris
cibachrome print on paper
16 in x 20 in (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH


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