F20 Mayorski - COMPLIT 122 003 Narratives of Immigration

Complete the linked asynchronous activity to learn more about the process of visual analysis and how it can be helpful in using images as resources for learning and writing: 

                CLICK HERE TO START  

Once you have completed the activity:
Follow this link to the class exhibit, and examine the first three items:
(1) Doug Webb, “Liberty Renewed,”
(2) Marilyn Bridges, “Rebuilding Liberty”
(3) Howard Cook, “Exodus”

Read the visual analysis guidelines on canvas.
Then, choose one of the three images, and write down your entire thought process, following the two phases outlined in the guidelines.
In the end, try to think of possible connections to the works we’ve encountered in the previous class: how are they similar or different in their depiction of certain symbols and/or themes?


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