F19 Lou Marinaro - ARTDES 100: Studio Drawing I

A pencil drawing of a seated boy holding a pail.

Seated Boy with Pail
graphite on wove paper
10 7/16 in x 7 11/16 in (26.51 cm x 19.53 cm)
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Two women seated, one reading to the other. Both wearing long formal dresses.
George Wesley Bellows
Elsie Reading to Emma
lithograph on paper
9 x 10 3/8 in. (22.86 x 26.35 cm)
Dr. Herbert & Doris Sloan
Emma Bellows and Elsie and Gene Speicher seated in Bellow's studio.
George Wesley Bellows
Emma, Elsie and Gene
lithograph on paper
12 13/16 x 12 13/16 in. (32.39 x 32.39 cm)
Dr. Herbert & Doris Sloan
George Beauchamp
graphite on wove paper
11 5/8 x 9 5/8 in. (29.53 x 24.45 cm)
Gift of Herbert Barrows
A woman is seen seated in a chair, facing to the left but looking towards the viewer. She is in a long dress with long sleeves. She has her hands in her lap and holds a sheet of paper.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
The Letter (Maud, seated)
drypoint on old laid paper
7 7/8 in. x 6 in. ( 20 cm x 15.3 cm )
Gift of Alan and Marianne Schwartz
W. Keesey
Arco de la Sangre: Toledo, Spain
14 1/16 in. x 9 5/8 in. ( 35.7 cm x 24.4 cm )
Bequest of Florence L. Stol
Palma il Giovane
Male Nude
pen and brown ink on buff paper, mounted
11 4/5 in x 3 7/16 in (30 cm x 8.73 cm);19 7/16 in x 14 7/16 in (49.37 cm x 36.67 cm);11 4/5 in x 3 7/16 in (30 cm x 8.73 cm)
Museum Purchase
A single figures stands with his left arm cradled in his cloak while he reaches into his cloak with his right hand.
Adriaen Jansz van Ostade
Peasant with His Hand in His Cloak
etching, engraving and drypoint on laid paper
3 15/16 x 2 3/8 in. (10 x 6 cm);19 5/16 x 14 5/16 in. (49 x 36.2 cm)
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A young woman is seated in bright sunlight on a step or stoop, leaning slightly forward. The light source is to the right, causing deep shadows to fall on the right side of her face. Her arms are folded over the dark fabric in her lap and she holds a cigarette in her right hand.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Fumette, One of the 'Twelve Etchings from Nature,' or the 'French Set'
etching and drypoint on Japan paper, laid down on white wove plate paper
12 13/16 in x 9 13/16 in (32.54 cm x 24.92 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Jane C. Stanley
Channel Pier, Duluth
graphite on brown paper
9 x 12 in. (22.86 x 30.48 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Jane C. Stanley
Pines, Summerville, S.C.
graphite on white paper
17 7/8 x 11.9 in. (45.4 x 30.32 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Alfred Hutty
Kew Garden
graphite on cream-color paper
12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. (31.59 x 24.13 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker


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