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A man with moustache and beard stands facing slightly towards the left, strumming a guitar.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
The Guitar Player (M.W. Ridley)
drypoint, printed in black ink on old laid paper
12 3/4 x 7 13/16 in. (32.3 x 19.7 cm)
Gift of the Friends of the Museum of Art on the Occasion of their Twenty-fifth Anniversary
Frederick W. Becker
Guitar Player
wood engraving on paper
4 ½ in x 6 in (11.43 cm x 15.24 cm)
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects
Leo McMillan
etching on paper
9 in x 6 in (22.86 cm x 15.24 cm)
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Collection, U.S. General Services Administration, New Deal art project
Gregory Orloff
Guitar Player
woodcut on paper
14 ½ in x 14 4/5 in (36.83 cm x 37.62 cm);14 ½ in x 14 4/5 in (36.83 cm x 37.62 cm)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Colton Storm
In this vertical print we see what is presumably a family group of harlequins. At the back is a tall man in a pointed hat, wearing a mask with an elongated nose, playing a guitar. In front of him is a seated woman breastfeeding a baby. Next to her is a young adult or a child standing and gesturing to her with his right hand. He is holding an instrument and wearing a diamond checkered costume. 
Gino Severini
Die Familie des Harlekin
lithograph on paper
12 in x 8 1/16 in (30.5 cm x 20.5 cm);22 in x 18 in (55.88 cm x 45.72 cm);18 1/4 in x 11 3/4 in (46.3 cm x 29.8 cm)
Museum Purchase
Augustus John
Strolling Musicians
lithograph on paper
15 x 21 1/8 in. (38.1 x 53.5 cm);22 1/8 x 28 1/8 in. (56.04 x 71.28 cm);15 x 21 1/8 in. (38.1 x 53.5 cm);11 7/8 x 14 7/8 in. (30.16 x 37.78 cm)
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
This drawing shows a few musical instruments abstracted in a cubist way. The largest and central instrument seems to be a guitar while below and to the left, behind the guitar, there seems to be a flute-like piece.
Jacques Lipchitz
Still Life with Musical Instruments (Study for a Bas-Relief)
graphite on paper
14 3/16 in x 9 5/8 in (36.1 cm x 24.4 cm);22 1/16 in x 18 1/16 in (56.04 cm x 45.88 cm);17 15/16 in x 12 11/16 in (45.5 cm x 32.2 cm)
The Florence L. Stol Collection
Duncan Grant
Ballerina Holding a Guitar
graphite on paper
16 7/16 in. x 10 1/2 in. ( 41.7 cm x 26.7 cm )
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
This photolithograph is oriented horizontally and created in multiple colors. On each side, at top left and right, there is a block of squares within squares, in a variety of colors—orange, blue, purple, white, pink, yellow, brown. Below these blocks are multi-colored bands of horizontal stripes; below these are bands of vertical stripes. At the center of the image, there are two photographic images: on the left, a woman with dark hair and light skin with earrings on a yellow-orange background, and on the right, a brown-haired man in yellow playing an electric guitar on an indigo-blue background. Below the photographs is a horizontal line of multi-colored vertical stripes. At the bottom in the center is a series of rondels, each with a cartoonish multi-colored scene: left to right, girl and floating, horned mask, a cowboy with guns, and a clown. The artists signed and dated the print at the base. 
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
An Empire of Silly Statistics...A Fake War for Public Relations
photolithograph on paper
14 15/16 in x 10 in (38 cm x 25.4 cm);14 3/8 in x 19 3/8 in (36.51 cm x 49.21 cm)
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
At the center of the scene, there are three figures carrying instruments. Below and above, three building-tops are depicted. The central figures are painted in shades of blacks and browns, while the buildings are painted in shades of yellow, orange, beige, black and blue. The background is beige and yellow, and painted on found board and mounted on wooden planks.
Purvis Young
Three Guitar Players
Paint and composition board on wood
27 11/16 in x 16 in (70.33 cm x 40.64 cm);27 11/16 in x 16 in (70.33 cm x 40.64 cm)
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
This black and white photograph shows a partial view of a guitar against a solid black background. It is a cropped, close-up image showing a portion of the fingerboard and upper bout.
Ralph Gibson
113, from "The Silver Edition, Volume I"
photograph on fiber paper
19 1/16 in x 13 in (48.5 cm x 33 cm)
Gift of Selma and Gerry Lotenberg
Older man playing guitar next to a window. He is wearing glasses, a button down shirt and a jacket.
D. James Galbraith
Andres Segovia with Guitar, Ann Arbor, Michigan
vintage gelatin silver print on paper
11 x 14 in. ( 27.94 x 35.56 cm )
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family

Temporary display of objects from UMMA's permanent collection.  All displayed objects feature guitars. 


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Guitar — by Amy Passiak (June 26 2017 @ 4:08 pm)

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