Light can manipulated in a variety of different ways: its angle can be changed, its direction can be shifted, and it can be bent. Especially in photography, it is interesting to see how an artist can use light to enhance their work and highlight certain features.

Concepts: Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction

Often times we forget that color is simply our brain’s interpretation of electromagnetic rays. Colors are viewed on a spectrum of wavelengths that allows our eyes to see differences in how the light is traveled. This also affects how light is absorbed and explains why artists are able to mix their mediums to create a variety of beautiful colors.

Concept: Light Spectrum, Color, and Light Absorption


  • How is light used to highlight aspects in an image?
  • What does light do for the composition of the work?
  • How do we perceive light? What colors do you see? Is there iridescence or opalescence?
  • How does color play a role in the work? Is color important to the overall aesthetic of the work?
  • How does light develop a photograph?
  • How does light affect your interpretation of the work?
  • How does light interact with artwork?



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