Scientific Method

To be an awesome researcher, there are a specific set of rules and guidelines that are important for conducting investigations. These methods are used in art to find out specific information about a work such as date, place of origin, or material.

Concepts: Scientific Method


  • Based on observation, what conclusions can be made about the date, origin, and material of the work?
  • What other questions might one raise about artwork?
  • What might be some limitations an art historian may have when conducting research on art?

Sample Activities:

  •    Conduct a full experiment on a work as a team using the scientific method (purpose, hypothesis, materials, data, and conclusion). The group will raise various questions they have and the instructor can decide on a solid hypothesis. The students will then split off in group and conduct their research. If time allows, they can create a board to present their findings. Intended audience: All grade levels
  • Request for a few researchers in the art profession to be panelists and allow students to ask any questions they may have about doing research in the art world. Intended audience: High School+


The scientific method
What is research?


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