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Math Activity: Pattern

Math Enrichment Activity

This activity could take place in the museum or in the classroom. It is differentiated so educators can decide how best to adjust the level of instruction to fit students' abilities. 

Objective: Students will become familiar with vocabulary (repetition). They will identify and create patterns and analyze disruptions. 


1. Show students a series of images. Identify one pattern in each image. Students will see different patterns - some may point out repetition of color, some may see shapes, some may highlight size or negative space. Highlight that these patterns are all present in the same object. 

2. Students recreate that pattern with cut pieces of paper or an app, by copying and pasting the same design in a repeating fashion. See sites for manipulatives: Eeboo Patchwork Design Tiles

Middle School: 

1. Show students a series of more complex images. They observe patterns and share with partner and then the class. Highlight the diversity of pattern within one image - how many possibilities exist (color, shape, size). 

2. Ask students to create their own patterns instead of recreating the patterns in the presented image. Repeat them many times to create something visually interesting. 

Extension 1: What would the next row look like? For visual examples, see M.C. Escher's tessellations. To create your own tessellation, follow patterns online, or use an online app to create a repeating pattern. 

Extension 2: Calculate the area of certain shapes within the pattern. For example, how much would an artist spend on blue fabric to create this quilt? 

Extension 3: Permutations and combinations - how many pattern options are possible in your entire quilt or stained glass window? 


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