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W16 Mora and Puff - HISTORY 327 / WOMENSTD 327 - History of Sexuality

An actual police officer looking at the camera and an actor playing a police officer walking behind him.
Leonard Freed<br><em>A police officer at his post during the filming of a movie. There is a growing “police cult”; aficionados wear the odds and ends of uniforms, swagger along the street with handcuffs, keys and whistles dangling from their belts.</em><br>1976<br>vintage gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80<br>2014/2.338
Photograph depicting two men engaged in calisthenics, using their joined hands and connected knees to pull away from each other. In the background a man lies on the same wooden deck, while another man clothed in a towel can be seen in the background of the image.
André Kertész<br><em>My Brothers</em><br>1919 - 1980<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. &amp; Mrs. Edward M. Strauss<br>1985/1.125.5
A nude posing in front of a white background. The man is posed with a slight lean and flexing his muscles, with a light source from the top-right casting a shadow on the background wall.
Lynn Davis<br><em>Ken Moody, New York City (Dancer #31)</em><br>1985 - 1990<br>selenium-toned gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)<br>2012/2.99
Andy Warhol<br><em>Nude Model (Male)</em><br>1977<br>Polacolor | photographic paper<br>Gift of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.<br>2008/2.111
Judy Dater<br><em>Imogen and Twinka at Yosemite</em><br>1974<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1978/2.36
Christian Vogt<br><em>Yvonne</em><br>1981<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David C. Ruttenberg through the courtesy of the Ruttenberg Arts Foundation<br>1984/2.61
A photograph of a woman seated on a large wood table. Nude aside from a pair of heels, she turns to look at the viewer while resting on arm on the table and the other on a wine glass. 
Helmut Newton<br><em>Charlotte Rampling, Arles</em><br>1973<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Gerald and Selma Lotenberg<br>1984/1.277.3
Kees van Dongen<br><em>Reclining Nude</em><br>1867 - 1966<br>print | paper<br>Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet<br>2008/2.357
Oak panel with screen print; signed K.Haring 88 along lower right edge.
Keith Haring<br><em>Art Attack</em><br>1988<br>screenprint | oak panel<br>Gift of Margaret I. McIntosh<br>1991/1.137
In the main street of Goyu village at nightfall, female touts aggressively solicit travelers by dragging them into the tea-house on the right, where one is already resting. The large circle on the wall bears the sign of the publisher of the series, Take-no-Uchi, which was omitted in later issues. On the sign-boards inside are given the names of the engraver, Firobei; the printer, Heibei; and the artist, Ichiryusai.
Andô Hiroshige<br><em>Hôeidô Tôkaidô Series: Goyû: Women Soliciting Travelers</em><br>1833 - 1834<br>color woodblock print | paper, ôban yoko-e size<br>Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund<br>1960/2.141
Nude woman reclining with a veil covering her face.
Hosain Mosavat<br><em>Veiled</em><br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond<br>2013/1.255
Japanese<br><em>Shampooing (Massaging)</em><br>1850 - 1899<br>hand-colored albumen print | paper<br>Gift of Mr. &amp; Mrs. Hiram W. Woodward, Jr.<br>1982/2.26


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