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Exploring Design and Color for Jewelry

A silver cuff bracelet that has a pin lock to keep it closed.  The bracelet is decorated with silver beads.
African<br><em>Silver Cuff Bracelet</em><br>20th century<br>silver<br>Gift of Denise Miner Stanford<br>2010/2.11
Multiple pieces of straw jewelry. Some have strands of bright blue beads with them and others are on brown string.
African<br><em>Straw Jewelry (six strings and four pieces)</em><br>20th century<br>straw, string<br>Gift of Denise Miner Stanford<br>2010/2.4
a bracelet consisting of horizontal orange beads and metal squares.  The metal squares are painted with a blue and green design.
African<br><em>Bracelet with Orange Beads and Metal Squares</em><br>20th century<br>beads, metal, string<br>Gift of Denise Miner Stanford<br>2010/2.13
A silver cuff bracelet with braided carvings and green and yellow decorations.  A chain is attached to one side to keep it closed.
<em>Silver Cuff Bracelet with Green and Yellow Decoration</em><br>20th century<br>silver<br>Gift of Denise Miner Stanford<br>2010/2.12
<em>Bracelet</em><br>1945 - 1955<br>cast brass, lost wax method<br>Gift of Pat Edgecomb<br>1987/2.62
Pendant in the form of a human figure in a circular shape.
Dogon<br><em>Pendant</em><br>1915 - 1925<br>brass<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1983/2.159
Pendant in the form of a pregnant woman holding her stomach. 
Dogon<br><em>Pendant</em><br>1945 - 1955<br>brass<br>Gift of Dr. Allen F. Roberts in memory of Sidney H. Roberts<br>1983/2.143
Ethiopian<br><em>Bracelet</em><br>1900 - 1985<br>brass<br>Gift of W. Douglas Roberts<br>1985/2.39
Ring with two conical projections, decorated with concentric horizontal grooves and a large loop.
<em>Ring</em><br>1925 - 1940<br>brass <br>Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Milford Golden<br>1986/2.148
Kuba<br><em>Necklace</em><br>1945 - 1955<br>glass beads, shells, cloth, natural fibers and pigment<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1984/2.25
Akan<br><em>Bracelet</em><br>20th century<br>brass<br>Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis<br>1997/1.335
Metal brooch in the shape of a fan with incised and inlaid decor, including floral designs.  "Bodai no tame" is inscribed along with the artist's signature, Taniguchi Haruki, and indecipherable characters.
Taniguchi Haruki<br><em>Fan shaped obidome (obi brooch), inscribed bodai no tame</em><br>1950 - 1975<br>metal with incised and inlaid decor<br>Gift of Howard and Patricia Yamaguchi<br>2005/1.369


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52 Collection Object Sources

Bracelet (1987/2.62)
Pendant (1983/2.159)
Pendant (1983/2.143)
Bracelet (1985/2.39)
Ring (1986/2.148)
Necklace (1984/2.25)
Bracelet (1997/1.335)
Necklace (1995/1.60)
Bracelet (1985/2.37)
Necklace (1995/1.59)
Bracelet (1979/2.25)
Bracelet (1979/2.27)
Bracelet (1979/2.50)
Hei Tiki pendant (1986/2.101)
Dragon pendant (1960/2.113)
Ring (Huan) (1960/2.94)
Boat Wake (2004/2.131.4)
La Ventanita (2011/2.103)
12 August (1965/2.38)
Morning Orison (1979/2.94)
Mensch (1981/2.179)
Untitled (1981/2.188)
Landscape (1983/1.184)
Lifting (1999/2.6)
Juicy Jungle (2004/2.112)
Jade Pea God (2004/2.113)
Untitled (1971/1.206)

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