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Kneeling female figure with hands placed on knees. The chest and back show scarifications. The teeth are filed and the figure has a flat, raised coiffure. 
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
1880 – 1890
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
Kneeling human figure on top of a round, hollowed out base, suggesting that this may have been the top of a staff or flywhisk. The sculpture holds one hand on his thigh, while he is chewing on a munkwiza root with the other. 
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
1855 – 1865
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
Seated figure with crossed legs. The figure is holding an undecorated cup. He is wearing a vest and hat and is holding one hand to his chest. The figure sits on a stool, which rests on a drum. 
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
Seated Figure
1880 – 1890
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
Carved wooden object depicting a female figure with flexed knees carrying a child on her back.
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
Maternity Figure
1895 – 1905
Gift of Denise Miner Stanford
Female figure with crossed legs, breastfeeding a child. The large mother figure is decorated with scarifications on her breasts, shoulders and back. She bears filed teeth, is wearing an elaborate headdress and her face has been decorated with three brass tacks. Mirror fragments were used to evoke eyes. On the back of the sculpture a mirror covers a raised addition containing unknown elements. The figures are seated on a rectangular base with geometric decorations. 
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
Mother and child figure
1885 – 1895
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
This small power figure features a naturalistic human face engulfed in layers of multi-media attachments, which create an imposing visual effect. The figure wears a blue turban wrapped around its head that binds bundles of medicinal substances and is crowned with several feathers. It also dons a metal necklace and a small bone dangles from the arm. The lower body is covered in fiber and a skirt of long leather strips. Possessing eyes encrusted with glass, the figure stands on top of a carved wooden turtle and holds the tip of a curved piece of wood in its mouth, the other end of which terminates in its clutched right hand. A large medicine pack, topped with a round mirror, is affixed to the figure's torso, which is thickly coated with resin and red pigment.
Yombe (Yombe (culture or style))
Power Figure
1850 – 1899
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
Small, carved male figure, seated atop a block, with legs crossed. The naturalism with which the expressive face is carved, the high crested coiffure (or chiefly cap?) and the progressive foreshortening of the body show the importance given to the head in Yombe aesthetics. The figure's eyes are mirrored glass, and the upper body, face and head are studded with brass tacks. A slight vertical crack can be seen at the figure's sternum.<br />
The Yombe figure was identified for UMMA by Allen Roberts and Mary (Polly) Nooter Roberts. There was a discrepency regarding the dating of the piece: the export paperwork said "circa 1830", but the dealer's catalogue said early 19th c. When asked to help resolve the dating, Polly Nooter Roberts replied: "As for the Yombe figure, I can tell you with certainty that it is NOT early 20th century, and is definitely from the 19th century, if not earlier. I cannot confirm the 1830 date, but I would be more inclined to believe that than the early 20th century. So, I think you can co
Yombe;Kongo (Yombe (culture or style);Kongo (culture or style))
Seated Male Figure
1825 – 1875
Museum purchase made possible by the David L. Chambers and John G. Crane Fund for Acquisitions