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Philippe Hosiasson
Raw Wind
Gift of Mr. Samuel M. Kootz
A girl with her head and body in profile, her head is streached in front of her body and her short hair is flowing behind her. She is wearing a yellow shirt. The background is a faded green with black globs that may be butterflies placed periodically.
Nakayama Tadashi
Kaze (Shôjo) /Girl in the Wind
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell
A girl with her head and body in profile with her head streached in front of her body. Her black hair is highlighted with white, blue, yellow, and red stands and columns of dots There is also a blue yellow, and white butterfly in her hair. She is wearing brown, white, and tan clothing with abstract designs. Behind her is a white horse with a red, orange, green, brown, and white mane with abstract designs decorating it flowing behind it. Lined behind that horse in a staggered row are full, white, blue, green, tan, and black, horses with abstract designs decorating them. They are running on what looks to be a track and there are three butterflies outlined at the top of the print against the black background.
Nakayama Tadashi
Cho no kaze (Butterfly Wind)
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell
Play of light and shadows on a curtained window, window sill, and interior wall.
Minor White (American (North American))
Windowsill Daydreaming
Museum Purchase
Skewed lines stream downward across the print indicate torrents of rain. The trees near the pathway are blown over by the strong storm. Several travelers with hats and parasols are struggling to walk up along the path under the extreme weather.
Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese (culture or style))
The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido (Hoeido Edition) #46 Shono, A Sudden Summer Shower
1831 – 1834
Gift of Penny and John Tropman
A girl with her head and body in profile with her head streached in front of her body and hair flowing behind her. Her black hair is outlined with blue and is used to show texture. Her clothing is black, green, and yellow. Behind her is a an overlapping of sunflowers.
Nakayama Tadashi
Girl in Green Wind (large)
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell
A young woman hurries across a bridge, using one of her sleeves to shield her head from the strong wind.  Plants around her bend in the force of the wind, and tree branches lose their leaves.  An Uta poem by Bunya-no-Yasuhide graces the top register.
Suzuki Harunobu
Autumn Wind, from the Furyu rokkasen (The Six Elegant Poets) series
1763 – 1773
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Three figures in a boat withstand wind and rain as they navigate river waters.  Trees along the banks seem to bend under the force of the wind. Water saturdated ink and washes blur distinctions and imply the extremity of the weather.
Chang Ku-nien
Sharing a Boat in the Wind and Rain
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
An illustration proof without text depicting two decorative friezes for A.M. David's poem "Statuaire."
Armand Séguin (French (culture or style))
Illustration proof without text for A.M. David's poem "Statuaire" in Louis Bertrard’s book "Gaspard de la nuit"
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A silhouette of a girl's head with gray, curly lines in her hair to show texture. In front of her is a cluster of red, orange, purple, white and blue pansies. The background is a faded tan.
Nakayama Tadashi
Hana no kaze (Flower Wind)
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell
Fashionable figures promenading on a windy day are arrayed in a shallow, congested space across the image field. The blustery wind accents the wind-whipped broad straw hats, ribbons, and skirts of the women, rendering some of them faceless. Three children at the lower left appear as mushrooms while the woman in white behind them has an improbably pinched waistline.
George Cruikshank
Monstrosities of 1825-26
Museum Purchase
A photograph of a range of sand dunes. In the foreground, wind patterns in the sand create small valleys and precipices, mimicking the mountain range and larger dunes in the middle-ground and background.
Brett Weston (American (North American))
Dunes and Mountains
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Gilbert