Cho no kaze (Butterfly Wind)

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Cho no kaze (Butterfly Wind)

Nakayama Tadashi

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Medium & Support
color woodblock print on paper

35 in. x 21 5/8 in. ( 88.9 cm x 54.93 cm )

Credit Line
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell

Subject matter
Nakayama’s works can be divided into three periods; the first (early) period from 1955-1964, the second (middle) period from 1965-1968, and the third (late) period from 1969 to his last painting. In the first period, the common theme is horses. Moreover, he began experimenting with portraying girls, although the girls aren’t as developed and controlled as in later periods. He began portraying butterflies of different colors and sizes, he experimented with architecture, and he painted in most brown and green shades. The second period, he developed a new theme where he started portraying the horses with flowers, mostly pansies and poppies, and butterflies. The background colors also became lighter than in the first period. During this period he became more comfortable and controlled with his work; there is greater depth and motion on the page. In the third period, the subject of the prints mostly portrays a girl and he starts to use more complicated patterns and colors. He also gained a greater mastery over showing perspective.

Physical Description
A girl with her head and body in profile with her head streached in front of her body. Her black hair is highlighted with white, blue, yellow, and red stands and columns of dots There is also a blue yellow, and white butterfly in her hair. She is wearing brown, white, and tan clothing with abstract designs. Behind her is a white horse with a red, orange, green, brown, and white mane with abstract designs decorating it flowing behind it. Lined behind that horse in a staggered row are full, white, blue, green, tan, and black, horses with abstract designs decorating them. They are running on what looks to be a track and there are three butterflies outlined at the top of the print against the black background.

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color print

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butterflies (general)
color prints (prints)
horses (equipment)
patterns (design elements)
profiles (figures)
wind (weather phenomena)

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