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This photograph depicts a view of an urban scene with telephone poles and electrical wires strung up and down a winding street.<br />
Kristin Capp (American (North American))
Wires, Santa Tereza, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gift of Ms. Kathleen Lauster and Mr. Jarir Derouach
Teeming with meticulously recorded detail, this print depicts a massive construction site in the midst of a city. The large hole of the site consumes the majority of the lower two-thirds of the image; the upper portion consists of roads and buildings. Scaffolding and building materials extrude from the site into the air. <br />
Signed on plate, recto, l.r.: "Muirhead Bone"<br />
Signed below platemark, recto, in pencil: "Muirhead Bone".
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
Manhattan Excavation
1923 – 1928
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
This drawing depicts part of a large, Gothic-style church with lancet windows and buttresses, seen at night. Around the exterior of the building are two trees, a lamppost, four bollards, and a person seen in silhouette. A light source outside the image illuminates part of the church’s large arched window, and casts long shadows that fall to the left side of the composition. <br />
Inscribed on the recto, in pencil, in the image, “M. Bone / Amsterdam”
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
1876 – 1953
Gift of Dr. Dean G. Hyde, class of '86
This photograph depicts a view of a cobblestone alleyway. On opposite sides of the street stand an old woman and a young boy.
Alen MacWeeney
Watching—A Street Scene, Dublin, Ireland
1965 – 1966
Gift of Carl W. Melcher
This photograph depicts a view of the construction site of a large building. There are piles of materials, two towering cranes and a view of other buildings in the background.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953
This photograph depicts the profile of an elderly man dressed in a white shirt in an urban environment. The man's hands are extended before him and appears to be counting coins.
Kristin Capp (American (North American))
Man in White, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gift of Ms. Kathleen Lauster and Mr. Jarir Derouach
This photograph depicts a group of children in a city street. One young girl stands at center of the group with her arms out. She stares directly into the camera, while the others look at her.
Jed Fielding (American (North American))
Naples #709
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH
A large crowd of men—almost all of whom wear top hats—women, and children congregate in an urban setting. In the left foreground a woman in a blue dress and an ornate hat passes the viewer. To her left a hobbled man holds a sign with a few legible words amongst squiggles; they read, "General / BOOTH / City Hall". Part of a bridled horse is seen at the extreme right side of the composition. Behind the crowd, whose clothing is heightened with an array of pastel watercolors, a colonnade is visible; at the left corner of the building the colonnade recedes backwards, and is mirrored by a row of receding street lamps. <br />
Inscribed on left, in image, in pen: "Royal Exchange Place" and below this, signed in pencil, "Muirhead Bone."
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
Royal Exchange Place, Glasgow
1896 – 1925
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke
This photograph of a narrow, urban street in Glasgow is one of a series of images that Thomas Annan created as part of a documentation project for the Glasgow Improvement Act of 1866.
Thomas Annan (British (modern))
Close, No. 157 Bridgegate
Gift of Professor and Mrs. Robert Iglehart in honor of Professor Marvin Felheim
This photograph depicts a view of a city sidewalk with pedestrians walking in front of a bar. In the middle of the frame is a phone booth with a woman inside, talking on the phone.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
New York City
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953
This photograph depicts an urban street scene in which pedestrians pass one another on a sidewalk lined with storefront advertisements and traffic.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
New York City
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953
This photograph shows two women dressed in white leaning against the wall of a city building.  They appear to be listening to a third figure whose back is to the camera.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
New York City
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953