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An engraving depicting a man sitting below an apple tree and conversing with a human-headed serpent. He is observed by a woman in drapery and a man who appears to be running away. In the distance there is a large fortified city.
Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian (culture or style))
Serpent Speaking to a Young Man
1500 – 1515
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
This drawing depicts two addorsed female figures reclining on a triangular slope. The women are partly clothed, and the one on the left wears an elephant-shaped headpiece. Between their shoulders appears a blank escutcheon held by two putti. Nude men in the background strain to hold back piles of objects that include shields and spears.
Taddeo Zuccaro
Study for an Overdoor Decoration in the Sala Regia of the Vatican
Museum Purchase
Two women in long robes stand arm in arm in a landscape. One figure holds an olive branch in her right hand, and her companion cradles a cornucopia against her hip.
Bartolomeo Coriolano (Italian (culture or style))
The Alliance of Peace and Abundance
Museum Purchase
A portrait of two women; the woman on the left kisses the forehead of the younger woman to the right, who looks down. They both wear draped fabric.
Julia Margaret Cameron (British (modern))
The Kiss of Peace
Museum Purchase
A seated king, at the left, holds the hand of a swooning woman who is supported by another woman. The supporting woman looks back at the king.
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
Esther before Ahasuerus
1634 – 1644
Museum Purchase
This crayon-manner engraving printed in sanguine depicts a grouping of figures arranged in a celestial space and positioned against clouds. A large female figure draped in cloth dominates the upper portion of the composition. She holds a set of scales in her left hand. Two female figures, one clothed, one nude, gather below at this figure’s sandaled feet in the center left of the composition. The clothed figure holds a palette and paintbrushes while the nude figure holds a mallet and a sculpted portrait of a man’s face. At the bottom right three male figures, one of whom wrestles a snake, appear to be attacking the female figure holding the palette. A clothed figure donning a helmet protects the figure holding the scales in the upper right.
Gilles Demarteau (Flemish (culture or style))
La justice protégé les arts
1763 – 1767
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Two women accompanied by a pair of putti appear seated in the foreground of this painting. On the left sits a winged woman crowned with a laurel wreath and wearing a long white robe and a vivid ocher-colored mantle. She leans on a globe while cradling a large book in her right arm to which she points with her left hand. In her right hand she holds a compass. A putto peeks from beneath her mantle, and a viol is visible beneath the globe. The other woman sits on a cloud. She wears a golden crown and a richly colored blue mantle. She grasps a lyre with her left hand and leans toward the woman seated next to her, gesturing in the direction of the book with her right hand. A second putto stands near her left shoulder holding a gold circlet in his left hand. The background is filled with glimpses of neoclassical architecture, including fluted columns and a facade with a row of Ionic columns supporting an entablature.
Sebastiano Conca
Fame and Erato, Muse of Love Poetry
1720 – 1730
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern

Carlo Bononi (Italian (culture or style))
Allegory of Ancient and Modern Poetry
1590 – 1632
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A bust of a pensive female figure enrobed in drapery is encased in a medallion.  It is above a sketched scene with multiple figures in an interior space, who surround a man lying in a bed that is enframed by a garland of foliage.
Jean Baptiste Raphaël Urbain Massard (French (culture or style))
Étude du tableau de la dame de Charité
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A group of figures in classical drapery are arranged between two columns and underneath a piece of draped swag ornamented with garland. A coat of arms emanating light is visible behind the swag. At the bottom left, a skeleton almost completely covered in drapery pulls down a larger piece of swag that had been concealing the figural group. All of the figures are women, except for one figure (a winged man with hands bound behind his back). They carry various attributes, such as scales, lillies, a lamp, and so on.<br />
Below the image are several <strong>Inscriptions:</strong> <br />
At lower left: C.N. Cochin filius inv. et delin.<br />
At lower right: Demarteau l'Ainé sculp<br />
At bottom center: Nempè quod injecit secreta modestia, velum / Scinditur, et vitae gloria morte patet Aufon. / LA MORT A RÉVÉLÉ LE SECRET DE SA VIE.
Death has Revealed the Secret of His Life
18th century
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Among a gold and bright mineral pigmented landscape, Genji stands below a cherry tree in full bloom and watches Murasaki, who stands in an architectural structure. A distant stream and hilltops indicate the isolated setting.
Kanō Tsunenobu
Genji espies Murasaki for the first time, from the Wakamurasaki chapter of The Tale of Genji
1670 – 1680
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
White marble sculpture of female figure, partially nude with a cloth draped loosely around her waist and over her left forearm. She holds a cluster of flowers in her left hand, and a single bloom in her right; a basket of flowers located on base to left and slightly behind figure.
Richard James Wyatt
Gift of Albert M. Todd