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Four male figures face each other, one in a hat on the left and three on the right facing him. The figure in the center has one hand raised to his chest. The two men on the right are looking at the man in the center.
Emil Nolde (German (culture or style))
Museum Purchase
There are two separate drawings. The first is a colorful drawing of a gathering of people wearing formal attire. They are depicted as caricatures, with large heads. The other image is a sketch of three people, side by side. On the left, a woman is shown from the back; she wears a coat, hat, high heeled shoes, and carries an umbrella under her right arm. There is a man in the center, shown from the side. He is mid-step, and wears a coat, hat, and boots; he has a mustache. The sketch on the right appears to show the same woman that is depicted on the left, but from a side angle.
George Grosz (German (culture or style))
The Gay Cafe
20th century
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
This woodcut print has a small rectangular scene at the center depicting a large building. Thick lines in triangular patterns and patches make up the background of the scene. The print is signed (l.rl.) "Lyonel Feininger" in pencil by the artist. There is also a notation in pencil (l.c.) "T811<u>a</u>" and a stamp in black (l.r.) "Feininger Estate / G W No 30". 
Lyonel Feininger (American (North American))
Castle Church
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
A man clothed in pants, shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt sits at a small table with his hands folded. Part of a loaf of bread sits on the upper left corner of the table. The man is in a small room with a small, square, barred window high on the wall behind him. There is a toilet without a lid behind him to his left.
George Grosz (German (culture or style))
In Prison
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Franz Marc
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser

Otmar Alt (German (culture, style, period))
Whimsical Animal
Gift of Myron and Bobbie Levine
A formal portrait of a pastry chef in his commercial kitchen. 
August Sander (German (culture or style))
Konditormeister Franz Bremer
Museum Purchase
This abstract composition shows a loose collection of shapes, out of which appears the profile of a human head, showing the left side of the face. Around the head are arrows, circles with spokes, cross-hatched lines, a number four, and a heart. 
Kurt Schwitters (German (culture or style))
Komposition mit Kopf im Profil
Museum Purchase
This composition shows a series of outlines of female torsos with heads, layered over one another. All of them appear to be upright except for one that is horizontal on the bottom left side. Some of the heads are in profile and others are arranged facing forward.
Oskar Schlemmer (German (culture or style))
Konzentrische Gruppe: Figurenplan K
Museum Purchase
An abstract composition of irregular, blob-like, blue, black, and brown shapes. Small white spots are scattered over the three different colors of shapes. 
Georg Meistermann (German (culture or style))
1949 – 1957
Museum Purchase

Andrea Boscoli (Italian (culture or style))
Four Episodes in the Life of a Saint
16th century
Purchased from the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
A formal portrait of a man standing in the doorway of his studio. 
August Sander (German (culture or style))
Museum Purchase