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Close-up view of two dogs, one fully outfitted in a canine spacesuit, the other with face and front paws uncovered. 
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Mishka the Space Dog is Being Dressed, While Tsyganka the Other Space Dog is Already Dressed
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
A red earthenware dog sculpture.  The dog is standing in attention, with a stocky body on four muscular legs, and long-fur tail flowing up at the hindquarters.  Its head is atop a thick neck, and it has a smiling mouth with protruding tongue, deep-set large eyes and forward pointed bent ears.  Its pupils are detailed in black. There are traces of black and white mineral pigment. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
25 – 220
Gift of Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur
A print of a woman in a long black dress looking down at a dog nipping at her heels. She is standing in front of some text which reads, "Les Peintres La De Revue Blanche."<br /><br />
EC 2017
Pierre Bonnard (French (culture or style))
Portfolio Cover, from "Album de la Revue Blanche"
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.

Korean (Korean (culture or style))
Twelve Zodiac Animals: Dog
1945 – 1980
Transfer from the Department of the History of Art, Slide and Photograph Collection, gift of Mrs. Pilsoon L. Chun

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Sleeping Dogs Bark
Gift of Frederick J. Myerson
A globular white porcelain snuff bottle with a design of a Pekingese dog and bamboo.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Snuff bottle with painted design of a Pekingese dog and bamboo
1821 – 1850
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan
This dynamic print shows a figure on a horse in the center, with another horse to the left and a dog on the right. The rider and the horse are leaning into a turn and the horse's curly tail trails behind. Action lines and swirls radiate out from the figures in the center.
Franz Marc
Reitschule Nach Ridinger
Museum Purchase

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (British (modern))
Almost any suburb, from the portfolio "General Dynamic F.U.N. Volume II of Moonstrips Empire News"
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Dog Number Twenty
1958 – 1981
Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin
This work is horizontally oriented. The lower left quadrant shows a horse-pulled cart with peasants resting in it. In front of the cart, a man and a dog walk in a field. The sky occupies the upper half of the work, and the horizon line is dominated by a church steeple as well as buildings and trees. Birds circle in the sky.
Allart van Everdingen (Dutch (culture or style))
Untitled (Landscape with Peasants in a Cart)
1650 – 1675
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This photograph depicts a young girl in a two-piece bathing suit standing on a porch and looking into an open doorway. Behind her is a dog and a body of water. This image is the far left panel of a triptych.
David Hilliard
Rosemary's Dock
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH
An etching of a woman in a black dress with two small dogs walking on a tree-lined path. Behind her follows a man in a top hat and two other women, one of whom wears a nun's habit.<br />
Signed in the lower right title margin, on the plate: "J.J. Tissot"
James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French (culture or style))
La Mystérieuse
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Aldrich