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French (French (culture or style))
Capital with vines
1125 – 1150
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT, Bequest of Henry Schnakenberg

Oswalt Haussner
Shell Cup
1635 – 1645
Museum purchase in honor of Professor Marvin Eisenberg, made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

French (French (culture or style))
14th century
A double-sided illuminated manuscript leaf with three columns of text in gold leaf,&nbsp;red, and blue French blackletter script encased by a floriated border. There are two&nbsp;small miniatures, one on either side of the leaf, framed in arched compartments.<br />
<br />
The illustrated compartment on the recto features a seated man wearing a long blue&nbsp;tunic and red cap seated at a table in an interior marked by a stone fireplace. A&nbsp;smaller servant boy dressed in a long tunic presents the man with a platter. The&nbsp;compartment on the verso contains a landscape with a winding river where a man&nbsp;kneels, dressed in pants and a tunic shirt, and draws water into copper jugs.
French (French (culture or style))
Calendar Leaf (January) from a Book of Hours
Gift of Mrs. Carrol Robertsen

Angel of Peace (stove tile)
17th century
Gift of Ruth Blumka
This large bronze faucet features a peacock spigot and a lion-headed spout.
Iranian (Iranian)
Faucet with Peacock Spigot and Lion-Headed Spout
12th century
Museum Purchase
This cup is fashioned from a coconut shell set in a shallow bowl supported on a long, narrow stem and held in place by three straps and a tall neck band. The shallow domed lid has a plain, overhanging rim and terminates in a finial with a statuette of a nude sea nymph and serpent. The metalwork is densely decorated with various masks, animals, fantastic creatures, and vegetal ornament.
Coconut Cup
1550 – 1599
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
The body of this cylindrical censer is decorated with eight columns spaced at regular intervals. The lid of the censer consists of an openwork dome divided into sections by eight vertical ribs that converge at its apex. An arched horizontal band intersects the midpoint of the ribs, and these eight junctures are marked with a projecting bird that holds a small bronze ball dangling from its beak. Two segments of the dome are decorated with Maltese crosses while another two feature curved plant forms. The apex is surmounted by a finial comprised of a globe topped by a Maltese cross on which a bird holding a piece of fruit perches.
Censer with Maltese crosses, birds, and columns
500 – 699
Museum Purchase
This carved bone sculpture depicts John the Evangelist in profile with his hands held before him, bowing his head in mourning. A male figure wearing a knee-length robe stands on the right and holds a club in his left hand. A second male figure appears behind the saint in a similar pose of grief.
Embriachi Workshop, Venice, Italy
The Mourning St. John the Evangelist with two male figures (fragment of a crucifixion from a portable altarpiece)
1395 – 1405
Presented in memory of Rosalie Eisenberg
This figure of Christ wears a volumnious mantle and strides forcefully forward with his left leg. His hands, now broken off, once held either a cross-staff or a globe while he made of gesture of blessing with the other. His robe appears to have originally been gilded and then painted over with red to impart his garment with a lustrous quality.
Standing Christ
1470 – 1480
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
This rectangular panel depicts four sacred figures rendered in dark hues with passages of vibrant red against a gold background. The upper edge of the gilded frame bears the prayer known as the &quot;Hail Mary&quot; (&quot;Ave Maria Gratia Plena Domin[us tecum]&quot;).
Madonna and Child with St. Thomas Aquinas and a Bishop Saint
1440 – 1480
Gift of Alice Berle Crawford